Gambia: Clueless Yahya Jammeh Seeks Quick Ecowas Intervention In Senegal-Gambia Border Impasse!


Gambia – A team of Ecowas officials yesterday met with Gambia’s minister of trade to work out a lasting solution to the border impasse between Gambia and Senegal. The two-man team, headed by Director of Customs at the ECOWAS Commission, Salifou Tiemtore, is in Banjul at the instance of President Yahya Jammeh.

Senegal holds Yahya Jammeh responsible for the crisis which has caused pain and suffering to Gambians and Senegalese. The border impasse came after Yahya increased tariff on Senegalese trucks entering Gambia by 100 percent. Yahya Jammeh has now admitted guilt after sending a letter to the Ecowas commission seeking its intervention in the crisis.

“We are sent here by the President of the ECOWAS Commission because we received a letter from the Government of The Gambia through the Ministry of Trade, Employment and Regional Integration explaining what is happening between Senegal and The Gambia, especially at the corridor, Banjul to Senegalese side,” Director Tiemtore told reporters in Banjul.

He added: “So we are here on a fact-finding mission. We are here to listen to the Government of The Gambia and all the stakeholders to have the real information of what is happening on the ground, so we can later make a recommendation which could be used by the President of ECOWAS to settle this problem happening now, affecting the trade relation.

“As you may know it is a fact-finding mission, we need to get all the information. We will not just rely on what is in the news but we want to listen to the real stakeholders, get the fact so that we can make a proposal to the ECOWAS Commission.”

From Gambia, the team would be travelling to Senegal as it is ECOWAS’s role to intervene in the crisis.

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