Breaking News: Gambia Libya-Bound Migrants Dying In Hands Of Burkina Faso Security Forces After Yahya Jammeh Asked Country To Shoot Gambians!


Gambia – Gambia Libya-bound migrants are suffering daily abuse in the hands of security forces in Burkina Faso after Yahya Jammeh asked the government of the landlocked West Africa country not to allow Gambians enter their country, Freedom has learnt.  Burkina Faso is now one of the most dangerous countries for Gambian migrants heading to Europe through Libya, Freedom can report.  Sources say Burkina Faso security forces are committing serious abuses directed at Gambians “because Yahya Jammeh asked the country not to allow Gambians use its borders.”

An agent for one of the human trafficking syndicates in Gambia confirmed this to Freedom.  “Yahya Jammeh reportedly asked the Burkina Faso government not to allow Gambians use that country’s borders but the problem is that there is high level corruption in that country,” he said adding: “The security forces would take money from these Gambians and beat them seriously. They would tell Gambians that Yahya asked them to stop Gambians. Some of them have sustained serious injuries in the process and they blame Yahya Jammeh for this.”

According to him, security forces in Burkina Faso are not stopping Gambians from entering the country. He said they “rather allow them in, take their money and beat them anywhere they see them.” “It is because of the suffering that some of them die when they reach Libya or even Italy,” he added.

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