Gambia: State Secret: Yahya Jammeh Receives Briefings From His Intelligence About A Major Demo, Which Is Likely To Render Gambia Ungovernable!


A top NIA Presidential Debriefing File (PDF) file has been intercepted by the Freedom Newspaper. The briefing talked about a potential demonstration that would likely render the country ungovernable if concrete steps are not taken to curb the situation. Hence, the Jammeh regime has strategized a new game plan to beef up security. Jammeh himself is increasingly worried about the situation! He constantly changes home. He slept in different places. 

ousman_sonkoThe Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, General Saul Badjie, NIA DG Yankuba Badjie, IGP Yankuba Sonko, and the heads of the respective security agencies in the country have met to discuss the growing resentment in the country against the Jammeh regime.  The Security Chiefs have been ordered to crackdown on any demonstration that’s to happen in the country.

Just this past weekend, the ruling APRC convened a meeting in which the issue of national security was discussed. Interior Minister Ousman Sonko informed the gathering that the regime has set up emergency phone lines for the public to call to provide the police with anonymous tips about folks causing trouble or planning to disturb the peace. Mr. Sonko also said he is waiting on Yahya Jammeh to give him orders to execute—be it legal or illegal orders. Sonko said the APRC leadership and its followers would respond to national duty once summoned by Jammeh.

Listening to Ousman Sonko, speaking, he sounded as if he is willing to kill future protesters against the Jammeh regime. Sonko maintains that he is waiting for orders. He told the meeting that he is a disciple of Yahya Jammeh, and as such he is obliged to execute any orders from the dictator. He advised the APRC followers not to play into the hands of the opposition bent on provoking them. He vows to deal with folks bent on disturbing the peace.

There is growing paranoia within the Jammeh leadership. The growing public dissatisfaction against the regime is evident all over the place.

A top security chief told this medium that Yahya Jammeh would be shocked to learn that in the event of any public disturbance the army wouldn’t hesitate to turn against him. The official said there is no sane soldier or officer who is happy with the status quo.

“I have access to Yankuba Badjie, General Saul Badjie, and Ousman Sonko. They are all dissatisfied with the status quo. Jammeh is being fooled. There is no loyalty here. We are all praying for a demonstration to take place in this country. Just watch,” said the officer.

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