Breaking News: Gambia: NIA Spy Chief In America Pierre Minteh And His Raleigh Handlers Exposed!


Pierre Minteh is the NIA Station Chief in America. He has three handlers in Raleigh, NC, according to competent NIA sources in Banjul. The three agents report to Pierre on a regularly basis. Their job include spying at dissidents and critics of the Jammeh regime. 2016 is an electioneering year for The Gambia. The regime has devised plans to intensify its spying in the Americas, Europe, and Africa. 

According to highly placed sources within the DC Embassy, Pierre’s agents are scattered all over the United States. Pierre is masquerading under the disguise of being an Embassy “Protocol Officer” when in actual fact he is an NIA asset. 

Pierre Minteh used to work at the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) as a Revenue Collector during Mayor Abdoulie Conteh’s watch. He was later initiated into the ruling APRC as a party stalwart and top operative.

Mr. Minteh is said to be the right agent to cover the Americas, given his ties with the opposition and the Ruling APRC supporters in the US. Pierre is related to Alkali Conteh, a prominent member of Gambia’s main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP).  Pierre’s family ties with Mr. Conteh is known to few Gambians in the diasporan struggle. Alkali is his uncle, this medium has gathered.

Pierre has decided to embrace the dictatorship, while his uncle in Raleigh, has legitimately chosen to oppose the very regime he is openly propagating its agenda. Pierre’s brother was killed by Jammeh’s trigger happy security agents in London Corner some years ago, following a drug raid conducted by the NDEA.

Sources said Mr. Conteh, and Pierre Minteh hardly get along. Pierre has privately confided to his colleagues that Conteh is his uncle, but notwithstanding he must perform his job irrespective of family ties.

“Pierre Minteh, is a snake. He is more deadly than Sheikh Omar Faye, the Ambassador designate to the United States. He has agents reporting to him in various parts of the US. Never underestimate him. He has handlers reporting to him in the US,” said our source.

“Mr. Minteh is a Yahya Jammeh fanatic supporter. He would do anything to satisfy Yahya Jammeh. He is on social media taking on critics of the regime. As a so called diplomat he cannot do that. But what do you expect from a mediocre regime. There are many folks in your struggle who are on Pierre’s radar,” our source added.

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