Gambia: Breaking News: Jammeh To Leave Banjul On Tuesday For Turkey; Over 20 Herdsmen Arrested In The Gambia, UDP Is A Threat To Jammeh!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write my boss. Fellow Gambians, monster Jammeh will never change and he has proven it again. Remember, when he declared that he has pardoned prisoners around the country and DCC reported to you that he was just doing it to please the west and he deeply regrets that decision. Well Gambians, according to one of the most reliable DCC agent monster Jammeh through killer Saul Badjie and rogue DG of NIA Yankuba Badjie have started arresting herdsmen and shepherds who take care of monster Jammeh’s cattle and sheep at his Farato, Banjuling and Kanilai farm. The DCC state house agent reported that monster Jammeh has been briefed that over 20 herdsmen and shepherds have been arrested and are currently detained at NIA. There is mass arrest of shepherds and herdsmen.

JAMMEH IS SICKAs all of you know, the closure of the border is causing a lot of problems for the Gambia and monster Jammeh’s livestock depend on Senegal for their feeding. So dictator Jammeh’s cattle and sheep are affected by the closure of the border and they are starving and dying one by one. Some of these cows are from Brazil and are used to only specific animal feed pronounce ” REPASOO” and dictator Jammeh has run out of this type of food. Dictator Jammeh used to order this animal feed from Senegal and now he cannot. The last time he attempted to order the animal feed from Senegal failed because the Senegalese authority stopped the truck and prevented it from crossing the border, they allowed the cows to cross but not the food and this made dictator Jammeh very angry, monster Jammeh do you want to deny this incident, DCC knows what is happening. Do you want to deny that you are now using Saja Manneh and group to help you get cows and animal feed. And Gambians this Saja Manneh was once arrested and his case is still in the Banjul courts.

If you recalled Saja Manneh and Hajie Hulay Camara were all arrested and accused of stealing dictator Jammeh’s cows. Well this is dictator Jammeh at his best, the only reason why these people are free is because Saja Manneh through one of his contacts in China connected dictator Jammeh with Chinese businessmen, can’t you see a lot of Chinese activities in the Gambia lately. With the shortage of the animal feed a lot of monster Jammeh’s cattle are dying and killer Saul Badjie is accusing the herdsmen for their death. Gambians these poor people have not been paid for a long time and they are slaves for dictator Jammeh and his cartel. Right now they are at NIA suffering and starving, NIA do not have money to feed all the detainees. Monster Jammeh have not paid all his personal workers such as herdsmen, shepherd, gardeners, mechanics, cleaners and even his grand marabouts have not been paid. Dictator Jammeh is abusing his power and enslaving these poor and vulnerable people. Yankuba Badjiee DCC is watching and monitoring you, if anything happens to this herdsmen and shepherd you will be liable and responsible ONE DAY. The soldiers who guards these farm places have been intimidating the herdsmen and shepherd that they must work without any salaries, this is why they have been working all these years without quitting, they are afraid for their lives. DCC has been warning Gambians that more and more people will be arrested, and this mass arrest of herdsmen and shepherd is not the last, MORE IS COMING.

The border closure has brought a lot of major projects in the Gambia at a standstill. Dictator Jammeh is very worried about the border closure, he sent multiple delegates to Touba and other places in Senegal for them to go and beg their government to open the border. Guess what they replied to monster Jammeh, they told him that he was the one who used to insult clerics and Imams then he needs to resolve this problem on his own.

Fellow Gambians, according to our reliable DCC agent at the ministry of external affairs, monster Jammeh will be traveling to Turkey on Tuesday. Dictator Jammeh is desperate and wants to talk to the government of Turkey about security and economic bailout. If they don’t help him, it is over and he knows that it is over. Instead of begging and kneeling down to Senegal to open the border he is traveling to Turkey to help him on security, he do not trust anyone even in his inner circle. On the economic side, GRA and GPA revenue have significantly gone down due to the closure of the border. The GPA staff are worried and sit all day doing nothing, they are discourage about the border. Fellow Gambians as reported before devil Zeinab traveled to France and is back, is traveling to America again, Mariama Jammeh is even late for school in America because they have been shopping too long in France. Devil Zeinab you can run but you cannot hide, DCC knows your every move. 

Pierre-MintehFellow Gambians DCC can report to you that monster Jammeh is highly worried and disturbed by the UDP party. This is why he sent terminator Ousman Sonko to go on the GRTS propaganda machine to threaten Gambians, what they fail to understand that nobody is afraid. When a human being does not have any hope, he is capable of anything and we can see this on the ground. People are now saying in the open if you want your husband or family to disappear, death, jail, dismiss, etc then support dictator Jammeh. Monster Jammeh is being brief about this and that is why he is using the “threat play card “, it is too late monster Jammeh. We are appealing to all the opposition to unite and form one coalition, dictator Jammeh is finish, DCC can confirm that to you. And DCC is warning Ousman Sonko, Saul Badjie, Yankuba Badjie, IGB Yankuba Sonko and the army that they are being monitored. If monster Jammeh issues an executive and it leads to death of Gambians, you will be held RESPONSIBLE.

My boss Pa Nderry Mbai, thank you for bringing the topic of Pierre Minteh. DCC is building a report on him but we can assure Gambians that Pierre Minteh and group are ALL FINISH both in the Gambia and abroad, TIME WILL TELL. The APRC party is a burning ship and in the middle of the ocean, are supporters going to stay on boat and get burn by the fire or jump in the middle of the ocean infested with sharks? Yankuba Colley and monster Jammeh which way are you going to direct your loyal supporters to take?

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs. 

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