Gambia: Jammeh Fires His Electoral Chairman!


The ailing Chairman of Gambia’s Independent Electoral Commission Mustafa Carroyal, has been replaced, according to sources within the institution. Mr. Carroyal, was summoned to the State House, where his employer Yahya Jammeh, handed him  his marching orders. He has been replaced by Alieu Mamar Njie.  Mr. Njie has been working at the IEC for some time now.

The opposition has in the past raised the legality of Carroyal’s continued holding of the IEC Chairmanship. Carroyal used to work at the RVTH. The opposition has been calling for Carroyal’s removal. He is no more! He has been removed. 

Mr. Carroyal has been ill for sometime now. He was recently admitted at the Lamtoro Hospital.

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