Two top strong pillars of the Jammeh led Jolla hegemony regime will appear on our Sunday Leral show as guests. Speaker Abdoulie Bojang, and Interior Ousman Sonko have finally joined us on the Leral show. The duos have been busted for real.

Speaker Bojang, who is an uncle to the Kanilai jester and despot Yahya Jammeh spoke about budgetary problems his Parliament is facing. He tells Freedom Radio Gambia that his MPS can hardly travel nowadays out of the country due to lack of funds to buy air ticket.  This caller pretended as if he was calling from the ECOWAS Parliament. He tricked Speaker Bojang by promising to make financial support available to his rubber stamp National Assembly. Bojang wasted no time in disclosing some of the financial challenges facing the National Assembly.

Speaker Bojang and I spent some time on the phone talking. He sounded very in need of funds.  He even proposed to hook me up with some of the MPS at the ECOWAS Parliament.

For Ousman Sonko, he started the conversation by greeting me in Jolla: “Anyap.” Perhaps, Sonko thought that it was either Yahya Jammeh, or General Saul Badjie were calling him. He spoke to me in his native Jolla dialect. I couldn’t respond back because I cannot speak Jolla. I communicated to him in English. He responded back to me. Sonko, is that type, who is very cautious when speaking on the phone. He tried to screen me, but couldn’t succeed. 

I asked if he was aware of an ECOWAS meeting that was slated to take place in The Gambia, he responded in the negative. Sonko sounded very clueless. I put it to him that as the Interior Minister, he should be on top of security related details. He was speechless for a moment.   

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