Gambia: Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh Asks Gambia’s Revenue Authority To Crack Down On Motorists To Boost Tax As Economic Woes Heighten!


Gambia – Yahya Jammeh has asked the Gambia Revenue Authority to crack down on motorists to boost tax as the economic woes of one of Africa’s poorest nations heighten. Gambia Revenue Authority announced Monday it would start the crack down on motorists who fail to renew their driver’s licenses.

According to sources, Gambian motorists, as from tomorrow, April 13, 2016, will find themselves on the hitlist of officials who would have started cracking down on them. President Yahya Jammeh wants to boost tax revenues this year as Gambia’s economy continues to decline. Authorities in Banjul and other major cities will be sending officers out on street patrols to intercept vehicles whose driver’s licenses have not been renewed.

Gambia’s economy is facing significant problems due to high level looting of the country’s resources. Yahya Jammeh and his acolytes have often been accused of massive corruption and mismanagement of public funds. The Office of the President alone spent over one billion dalasis in 2015 after the National Assembly of Gambia had allotted it a whopping 600 million dalasis.

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