Gambian Migrant Dies In Italian Hospital


A 19 year old Gambian migrant has passed away in Italy. Mustapha Jatta popularly known as ‘Joofunding’ has passed away in the Italian city of Napoli on Monday 11th April, 2016. Mustapha has been battling with a mysterious stomach problem until his death at a hospital in Napoli.

Mustapha Jatta who got to Italy via Libya has been resident in Italy for a year processing his legal residency before his untimely demise leaving behind a grieving family struggling to ferry his body home in order to give him a befitting and decent Muslim burial in his native Gunjur. Donations are being sought from organizations and individuals to help transport his body home which costs thousands of Euros. For those wishing to help with the cost of ferrying his body back home, his sister, Isatou based in Boston, USA can be reached on: 617-901-4100

Written By Alhassan Darboe

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