Gambia: Breaking News: Gambia’s Armed Paramilitary Officers Torture Peaceful Election Reform Protesters!


Armed Gambian paramilitary officers have disrupted a peaceful protest march calling for an electoral reform in The Gambia. The protesters were brutally assaulted by the armed guards. Some of the protesters have been detained while a truck filled with armed paramilitary officers have stormed the West-field area.


The situation is chaotic right now. The paras have been chasing the protesters. Some of the injured protesters have been hospitalized.

Meanwhile, the a team of NIA officers have arrived at the scene of the protest. The Paramilitary officers provoked the incident. They used force to disperse the protesters.  A good number of the protesters have been detained. 

In the meantime, the country’s De Facto dictator Yahya Jammeh is in Turkey, attending the OIC conference. Sources said a curfew is likely to be imposed tonight. Stay tuned.  We will keep you posted with developments as it unfolds. 

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