While dictator Yahya Jammeh is in Turkey, attending the OIC Conference, a group of disenchanted Gambians have taken to the streets protesting for electoral reform, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Over forty protesters have converged at the busy intersection West-field in Serre-Kunda, demanding electoral reform ahead of the nation’s 2016 Presidential elections. Old women are also taking part in the protest march.

According to sources, more and more people are showing up to show solidarity with the marchers. The protest is so far civil and orderly. Members of the security forces have been taken by surprise by the presence of the unidentified marchers. It is not clear if the opposition is behind the protest march, but sources said the marchers have been heard saying that without electoral reform, there cannot be elections in The Gambia.

“Breaking news.. happening right now.  Unidentified group has blocked the traffic at Westfield junction. The group is demanding for electoral reform in The Gambia,” said our source.


As we file this report, some pockets of security agents have arrived at the scene of the protest. The marchers appeared not intimidated at all. They are calling on the Jammeh dictatorship to embark on an electoral reforms or otherwise they said there wouldn’t be any elections in The Gambia. For now, the protesters have taken over the country, while dictator Jammeh is away in Turkey, attending an OIC conference. 

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