Gambia: Breaking News: Jammeh Cuts His OIC Turkey Trip Short Amid His Imminent Fall!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write my boss. Fellow Gambians, due to the demonstration that took place Thursday monster Jammeh has cut his trip short and is immediately returning to the Gambia. Upon being briefed about the demonstration, dictator Jammeh started shouting at everyone around him. Monster Jammeh, who was supposed to return to the Gambia on Sunday, is agitated and instructed the entire convoy that they are flying back Friday. Dictator Jammeh is very afraid and was even shouting at devil Zeinab, who also shouted back at him. When devil Zeinab shouted at him, being a coward he obeyed all of Zeinab’s commands, this is the only person he listens to, this is the only person who will make monster Jammeh put his tail between his legs.

JAMMEH IS SICKUnless dictator Jammeh changes his mind, he will be landing at the Banjul International Airport tomorrow evening, this is according to our top reliable DCC agent from the Ministry of External Affairs. Zeinab is angry that they have to leave because monster Jammeh was supposed to meet potential investors and also seek the much needed medical attention. According to our Kanilai DCC agent, monster Jammeh has been calling different senior military officers to monitor General Saul Badjie. Base on our DCC analysts, Saul Badjie, should be on high alert because General Joseph Bassen has been brought to the state house for a reason and something “BIG” is brewing.

Like we told you last week, the state house looks perfect from outside but even a feather can push it down. As we speak, state house is very tense, military officers don’t trust each other and they are all anticipating monster Jammeh to arrest some of them when he arrives tomorrow. Denton Bridge is closed and there is high military presence everywhere. All military officers have been instructed that they must work around the clock, no one is going home. There is a large number of military presence at General Saul Badjie’s residence, he is also prepared. Dictator Jammeh has succeeded in mixing the senior officers and whilst he is away they are watching each other and willing to kill for monster Jammeh. DCC can confirm to you that Gambia is not safe anymore.

DCC agents are warning IGP Yankuba Sonko and terminator Ousman Sonko, that they are being monitored and if anything happens to the detainees they will be held responsible. The international community is watching and DCC is also documenting. Warning to junior military officers, do not torture or beat anyone, dictator Jammeh will one day turn around and put the blame on you. These are innocent Gambians who are just exercising their God given civil rights. Release these people there is a storm that will dislodge your government and it can happen at any second, DCC will not comment much on this, TIME WILL TELL.

Fellow Gambians, prior to monster Jammeh traveling to Turkey, he started calling prominent businessmen and threaten them. He is playing the extortion game, he told them that if they don’t give him foreign currency money he will close their businesses. There is no more investors coming to the Gambia and dictator Jammeh is taking big loans from these businesses and will never pay them. Dictator Jammeh is a gangster, take Trust Bank for an example, dictator Jammeh owes them billions of dalasis and they dare say anything but keep quiet. The few major businesses have started closing, dictator Jammeh and even the rogue DG of NIA Yankuba Badjie is taking loans from them and never pay.

Fellow Gambians, we will send you a more detail report when dictator Jammeh arrives, it is going to be very interesting, monster Jammeh knows what DCC is reporting. Transferring senior military officers from point A to point B will not last, the game is over. 

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs. 

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