Dear Mr. Mbai,

The international community’s lack of action in The Gambia is a great concern. Few weeks ago I wrote to my local MP about the dire situation in Gambia (see attached). I received a reply today then tuned into your radio station to be hit by the latest news from our beloved country. I don’t know when this nightmare will come to an end. What I do know is this: This evil man has no intention of stepping down without force, and yes, that includes the spilling of blood.  

One argument that can be put forward against the international community’s lack of action is that, the Gambian people are not yet ready for democracy. They are not hungry for it. This may sound harsh but it is the truth. Why would the international community come to the aid of Gambians when the people have not demanded it? This evil man has corrupted the minds of the people. Mistrust and hypocrisy runs havoc in the country. Not only has he destroyed the country, he has also destroyed and corrupted the spirit of the Gambian people. This is his greatest accomplishment. Such a shame.

Kind regards,

Tamsier Joof 
General Manager 
The Seereer Resource Centre (SRC) 
Tel: +44 20 8133 0517
E-mail: [email protected] 


Letter to Heidi Alexander - 1 Apr 2016-page-001

Letter to Heidi Alexander - 1 Apr 2016-page-001

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