Gambia: Breaking News: Popular Revolution Hits Gambia; As Opposition Leader Leads A Nationwide Demonstration!


The leader of Gambia’s main opposition party UDP’s Ousainou Darboe is leading a nationwide protest against the Jammeh regime. This followed the arrest, torture and the killing of his of his party’s officials Ebrima Sandeng by Jammeh’s rogue security agents. Banjul is now in flames. The protesters have taken over the streets demanding for regime change.

Members of the security forces have started opening fire on the demonstrators. The demonstrators are still determined to continue with the protest.

In the meantime, dictator Yahya Jammeh was due to arrive in Banjul last night after attending an OIC Conference in Turkey. He issued a statement which was read on GRTS warning the international Community to stay way from Gambia’s internal politics.

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