Gambia: Breaking News: Top State Secret: General Saul Badjie Refuses To Execute Jammeh’s Orders To Kill; Mandinka Officers To Be Purged, As Jammeh Declares Ethic Cleansing; Nuha Badjie And Sulayman Sambou Killed Protesters!


The Gambia is on the brink of total political turmoil. The insane Kanilai dictator is busy spewing ethnic cleansing in the country. He is blaming Mandinkas for the recent peaceful protest, which left three members of the main opposition United Democratic Party dead, dozens others maimed, brutally tortured, detained including the UDP Leader Ousainou Darboe. The Mandinka officers and soldiers in our armed forces are increasingly worried about their safety and job security. Jolla officers such as Nuha Badjie have started harassing and cursing Mandinka officers, calling them all sorts of names.

saul-badjie-e1441514359592On Saturday, April 16, the guards stationed at the home of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s mom Asombi Bojang, were withdrawn from the property. The guards were mainly Mandinka, Wollof and Fulla soldiers. They were relieved by some Jolla soldiers, who are barely known in the military.

Yahya Jammeh was in Turkey at the time coordinating with his so called loyalist forces on the ground. Jammeh doesn’t feel that his mom or family are safe while being guarded by Mandinka soldiers. He has started purging the Mandinkas from the army. The world should come to Gambia’s aid before an ethnic war breaks in this country. 

The army command cannot deny that the guards stationed at Asombi’s home were not withdrawn on the day of the protest march. The soldiers were ordered to report back to base, which is the Fajara barracks. Their withdrawal from Asombi’s home had to do with Jammeh’s preconceived delusional notion that the Mandinkas are after his head and that of his family. 

Yahya Jammeh is threading on a dangerous line. He even instructed General Saul Badjie on the first day of the protest to order the army to use live ammunition on the protesters, but Saul refused to execute the order. Jammeh became furious. Saul refused to play into Jammeh’s ethnic divisive politics to commit a crime against humanity.

General Badjie, must be commended for refusing to execute an illegal order coming from a deranged dictator. General Badjie is very aware that Jammeh is mentally unstable and that most of the decisions he takes are irrational.

There is a growing mistrust between Jammeh and General Badjie. This followed Jammeh’s move to commission Joseph Bassen to the rank of Brigadier General. Bassen used to train and host the MFDC rebels in Talinding. He is now the new Army Commander. His recent appointment has served as a wake up call to General Badjie that the dictator is back to his old games of divide and conquer. Badjie is not taking chances either.

Following General Badjie’s refusal to execute his illegal orders, Jammeh decided to modify his game plan by dealing with General Bassen and General Musa Savage. The two are now gradually rendering General Badjie irrelevant.

Within the GAF Headquarters, it is reported that Jammeh is contemplating purging the military, the army and the police. After all is said and done, the likes of General Badjie, NIA DG Yankuba Badjie, CDS Ousman Badjie, just to name a few would be yanked out of the system. If they are lucky, they might do time in jail, or a worst case scenario, they would be murdered by Jammeh.

General Badjie’s case reminds us about the late Idi Amin’s cousin, who was onetime very powerful in the Ugandan army. As soon as Amin’s cousin suspects that Amin was about to let him go, he decided to plot a coup. His attempts to overthrow Amin was foiled at the eleventh hour.

General Badjie has loyal support in the army. But with the coming of General Bassen, Musa Savage, Umpa Mendy, and co, he is faced with a lot of challenges.

Now that the NIA has constituted a panel to investigate the events leading to the peaceful opposition protest march, it is imperative to note that Jammeh’s agenda is to throw the security forces under the bus. Our men and women in uniform should be very careful. Dictators are not to be trusted. Do not play into Jammeh’s ethnic cleansing agenda. His goal is to liquidate the patriotic Jolla officers, Mandinkas, Wollofs, Fullas and other tribes.

You have sworn to protect Gambians and to defend the constitution. It is evident that the very constitution that you have sworn to defend and her people have been threatened by a blood thirsty dictator. Failure to protect The Gambia and her people, might amount to abdication of responsibility on your part.

NUHA BADJIENuh Badjie is an active member of Yahya Jammeh’s assassin team called the Jungullars. Nuha has declared a war against the majority Mandinka population in our armed forces. He has vowed to eat raw any Mandinka soldier or officer ,who dares side with the opposition in this trying times of our political history.

Mr. Badjie hailed from the Talinding area. He grew up as a polite, and disciplined kid. Once initiated into Jammeh’s assassin team, Badjie has lost his damn mind. He coordinates the majority of the secret killings and tortures taking place in The Gambia.

Another jungular, who needs to be watched closely is Yusupha Sambou. Sambou participated in the torture of Ebrima Sandeng and others. He was spotted at the NIA on Saturday night, where he collected a dead body, which was to be buried. It is reported that Sambou and his boys buried the dead body at the Radio SYD cemetery. We are yet to identify the body of the deceased.

SAMBOUIn another development, Sulayman Sambou has vowed to kill his fellow Jolla colleague in the army. He said if given the orders to arrest General Sillah Kujabi, in the foreseeable future he would kill him. Sambou made the threats at the State House in the presence of his colleagues.

Sambou’s beef with General Kujabi stem from allegations that the Naval Chief had impregnated one female army Private Fatou Keita. Ms. Keita works at the Army Headquarters as a Clerk. It has been alleged that Mr. Kujabi impregnated her. Sambou is on the loose saying that he is going to kill Kujabi one day.

It is not clear if  Fatou Keita is Sambou’s girlfriend, but her pregnancy doesn’t go down well with Sambou. Sambou is a mad dog. He needs to be closely monitored before he would finish killing Gambians.

Meanwhile, the State House is reporting that Ousainou Darboe, and his detained Executive members, including other detainees have been moved from the NIA to the PIU headquarters in Kanifing. The first batch of the arrested protesters earlier held at the mile two prison are no longer detained there. The detainees’ whereabouts is unknown at this hour.

Mr. Darboe and co are likely to be arraigned before the Kanifing magistrate court today. UDP supporters, friends of The Gambia and patriotic citizens are being urged to come out in large numbers to lend support to the kidnapped detainees.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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