Gambia: Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh Issues Fresh Threat Against Gambians


Banjul: Gambia’s killer President Yahya Jammeh Sunday issued a fresh threat to stop by any means, anyone who wishes to go against his calamitous regime. It comes days since killers on his payroll murdered at least three opposition supporters among them senior opposition youth leader Solo Sandeng, who were on a peaceful protest march.

Amnesty International, confirming Solo’s death on Friday said he died in custody after a torture session was meted out to him by Yahya Jammeh’s killers. It was after a peaceful protest he led on Thursday demanding electoral reform ahead of presidential elections slated for December 1, 2016. His death sparked further protest on Saturday after his party’s leadership resolved to demand justice for their fallen colleague.

Dozens were arrested including Ousainou Darboe, leader of the country main opposition party, the United Democratic Party, and his entire executive members. They have since not been released even as rights groups voiced concern and the United Nations Secretary General called on Gambia’s government to release the detainees and to conduct investigation into the deaths.

Yahya Jammeh who returned to Gambia on Sunday after attending the OIC conference in Istanbul, Turkey, told reporters that anyone who wishes to go against his government will not be “spared.” Blaming the West for stoking tension in African and Arab countries, Mr Jammeh chided Western countries over their attitude towards Gambia. He said they “have never given us even 50, 000 dollars.”  He said the West is using a few people to provoke violence in Gambia but they will “not be spared.”

Written By Our Correspondent

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