Gambia: Breaking News: “UDP Leader Ousainou And Others Transferred From The PIU To Kanilai,” Top State House Source Reveals!


As political tensions are building up in The Gambia, in the wake of the weekend protest march organized by the leader of the main opposition United Democratic Party, credible information reaching us at this hour indicate that the UDP leader Ousainou Darboe and some of his henchmen, were taken away from the custody of the Police Intervention Unit in Kanifing last night and transported to Kanilai, dictator Yahya Jammeh’s home villa, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. Highly placed State House sources said Darboe and co were escorted to Kanilai by Jammeh’s assassin team called the jungullars. There are other UDP members still being held at the PIU headquarters, our State House source said.

The motive behind the secret removal of Lawyer Darboe and co from Kanifing to Kanilai is unknown. Kanilai is dictator Jammeh’s assassination field. He often murder his critics and fed his crocodiles with the remains of those he murdered.  

In the case of Lawyer Darboe and co, our sources are reporting that the move might be a strategic one. Since Jammeh has taken refuge in Kanilai since his arrival from Turkey, late Sunday evening, sources said by taking Darboe hostage in Kanilai, would help expedite Jammeh’s move to reach a peace treaty truce deal with the detained opposition leader.

“Darboe and co were escorted from the PIU headquarters last night to Kanilai. Something stinks here. Jammeh had earlier given orders for the protesters to be shot with live ammunition but General Badjie refused to execute his orders. He is very mad upon his return. He said he wanted to set a deterrent. Now that he is back in town, he has ordered for Darboe and some of his followers to be transferred to Kanilai. He wants Darboe to be under his watchful eyes. Anything could happen from now on,” said a top State House source.

“Jammeh has ordered that the remaining UDP detainees be kept at the PIU. He said he is only interested in having key top brass of the party including Ousainou Darboe detained in Kanilai. If he is unable to convince Darboe to ask his followers to stand down, he is likely to make a stupid decision. Darboe and co are currently held in Kanilai. That I can confirm to you,” our State House source added.

Meanwhile, there are reports of another demonstration circulating in town. The streets are likely to be hit in coming hours by protesters.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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