Gambia: Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh’s Security Mistakenly Arrested Basiru Jawara’s Son Ali Jawara, During An Opposition Protesters Crackdown!


Businessman Basiru Jawara’s son Ali Jawara has wrongly arrested by the paramilitary. Mr. Jawara, who runs an airline called Atlantic Express airline, just opposite the US Embassy, was arrested outside his office three days ago, by the personnel of the Police Intervention Unit, and whisked away to an unknown destination. Mr. Jawara, was sitting at a restaurant next to his office, when the PIU moved in to arrest the protesters.

According to sources, Ali Jawara was never part of the protest. The rogue PIU officers grabbed him and thrown him into a waiting truck. He has since went missing. Sources intimated Ali’s arrest was brought to the attention of his father Basiru Jawara, a strong supporter Yahya Jammeh’s APRC regime.

Attempts were made by Ali Jawara’s family to locate him, but the security is refusing to release him. Mr. Jawara was at his place of business, when he illegally arrested, our source said.

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