Gambia: Breaking News: The Blame Game Has Started; As The NIA Tries To Pass The Buck On The PIU’S Territory For The opposition’s Protest Killings!


The blame game has started among Gambia’s security forces. No one doesn’t want to accept responsibility for the weekend protest causalities. The NIA wants to shift the buck on the territory of the paramilitary. On the other hand, the jungullars have been linked to the atrocities. The situation is very chaotic here in Banjul.

One thing is evident though, the protest was poorly managed by the security forces. The extreme force to quell it was totally uncalled for. There is bloodshed. Some lives have been lost, while dozens others have been critically injured due to the torture inflicted on them.

Yahya Jammeh is the main man behind the killings and the tortures. He should accept full responsibility for failing to create a professional security force—trained in crowd control and protest marches. He is only concerned about consolidating his regime and nothing else.

The following lessons has been learnt from the opposition protest: One, an oppressed nation is bound to revolt if pressed to the wall. Despite Jammeh’s so called grip of power, Gambians have decided to overcome the rule of fear. This was evident on the videos, audio recordings and pictures taken during the protest. This signifies that Jammeh’s thugs have nowhere to hide now. Smart phones are here to police them.

Interestingly, so many bystanders have had their smartphones illegally seized from them by the security forces. The reason was: The officers said they suspect that the phone owners were secretly recording them and possibly sending the recordings to Freedom Newspaper proprietor Pa Nderry M’Bai.  Some even had their cell phones stolen from them by Jammeh’s security agents. The security agents on the ground hardly returns phones seized from their rightful owners.

The Freedom Newspaper did an excellent job by uploading torture pictures, and arrest videos on its Facebook page, on the day of the protest. Jammeh’s agents were pictured and videoed live arresting, and torturing the protesters. Such indicting evidence has scared the hell out of Jammeh’s thugs. Now, almost every security agent in The Gambia is mindful of not being caught on tape, or camera committing atrocities on behalf of the Kanilai monster.

Another ugly part of the protest is that: All business activities have ceased to operate since last week. Almost all shops, schools, and government offices have closed. This is a nation faced with an economic downturn.

In addition to that, the Senegal/Gambia border have closed. Commodity prices have jumped the roof because of the border closure.

Jammeh’s regime is on its dying moment. Gambians will continue to agitate. The monster’s days are numbered!

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 919-749-6319

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