Gambia: When Is The So-Called Struggle Coming On Ground Zero?


Set the STANDARD by your example. Lead by example. Do NOT ask others to do what you cannot do.

Do not instigate others while you are away, thousands of miles away, in your comfort zones.

It only takes about $1700 for a return ticket from America to the Gambia, or $700 or less from the UK to the Gambia return ticket. How long have people been yelping for now on online radios, Facebook, twitter, online papers, and social media? How long? Years, right?

If one saves just couple hundred dollars a month, in less than a year one would have saved enough money to buy a return ticket from America to the Gambia, and one can take a week off work or whatever you do in America, Europe or wherever you are, and come do what you are asking people to do. Don’t you think you can do it yourselves?

It is not Bravery, BUT COWARDLY to sit hundreds of miles away and beat your chest all day and night on online radios and social media about what you can do, or cannot do, what people should do or shouldn’t do, and so on. That kind of talk is CHEAP, and anybody can do that.

You have been singing this same song for years now. When are you going to change the station or play another song, OR translate “useless, cheap talk” into actions?

When and Where ACTIONS speak, words are unnecessary.

Let me guess. You are going to say this: WHY would you leave your “comfort zones” and go fight when the people could do their own fight, right? Is that what you are going to say? That you will not take a week off, or leave your “comfort zones” to go “fight” a “fight” you are primarily instigating? BUT it is ok and fine for you to instigate the “fight”, but you are cowardly enough to hide yourself from the fight, is that right?

That, my brothers and sisters, is not Bravery. It is COWARDICE. Pure and Simple Cowardice.

SHOW me any “movement”, “fight” “leader” or any “individual” in any HISTORY that “fight” thousands of miles away from ground zero. MLK did not fight his fight from China. Malcolm X did not fight his fight from India. Che Guevara did not fight his fight from Sweden. Mandela did not fight his fight from Sudan.

At some point they all went on the ground and did their “fight” and they certainly did not wait 20 plus years to figure that out from overseas.

Bring your so-called struggle on the ground. The Gambian people on the ground are BRAVER than Cowards in that thing called so-called struggle. And all that is being done is making or turning your so-called struggle for PROFIT, to make few dollars here and there. It is a SHAME and a DISGRACE how some of you have turned that so-called struggle into a For-Profit business. And all at the Plight and Expense of the Gambian people. Sad and pathetic. Shame on some of you in the so-called struggle. WHY can’t some of you SPEAK UP against the malfeasances within the so-called struggle, BUT instead sweet it under the rug? Fix yourselves FIRST, and then you can begin to talk about fixing someone else’s house. 

The Gambian people have long figured out you Folks in that so-called struggle. DO NOT under estimate the Intelligence of the Gambian people. The Gambian people know Folks in that so-called struggle are after their own agendas, and making few dollars here and there, and send few dollars to the Gambia and think that they can instigate or tell the Gambian people what to do or not to do. Bring your so-called struggle to the Gambia.

Some of you might not like me saying this, BUT it is the TRUTH. Do some thorough self-examination, and re-set yourselves and your priorities. Fix yourselves FIRST. And this is not about “them” versus “us”, or “us” versus “them”. There is Strength in Unity of Action.

God Bless the Gambian people.

By Abdul Savage

Retired, US Army

Honorary Judge, State of Texas

Member, Military Order of the Purple Heart

Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars.


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