Gambia: An open letter to the Jolla Hegemony


This is an open letter to the Jolla leaders in Jammeh’s government.

The game is up. Your time in power has ended because Jammeh’s government is finished. He is mad and or totally incompetent to rule Gambia.There is an Aku saying. He’s dead. All that is left is the funeral and your own future.

In a nutshell: Your leader is finished and it is time for each of you to consider your options and make your decisions in the light of your crimes, current position and future. Broadly speaking each of you has three choices.
1) Crash and burn (like a plane which has run out of fuel). Do nothing and wait for the anger of the Gambian people to erupt and take revenge on you, your family and people. You may survive, but the risks are very high of a nasty death. If so many Jolla may suffer and die for no fault of theirs except blind tribal loyalty.
2) Solve the problem internally. I.e take care of Jammeh, select a new leader who will negotiate a peaceful transfer of power with the opposition leading to free and fair elections. This does not mean that those guilty will be exempt from justice, but by sparing the country of further bloodshed and possibly civil war, your cases might be viewed in a more sympathetic light. Gambian people are in general peace loving and forgiving. In refusing to execute Jammeh’s orders to kill innocent civilians, Saul Badjie has made a step in the right direction. It is very important for you to protect Ousainou Darbo and the UDP supporters in custody. It’s a bad situation, but you can stop it going further. 
3) Leave Gambia and seek asylum somewhere as a fugitive from International Justice. At best you might die eventually, a stranger in a strange land. Like Kukoi. At worst hunted like a dog and brought to justice, whether in Gambia or the ICC. 
It’s time for each of you to consider your position and make your own personal decision. Time is very short and events are moving fast. To give a farming example. The grass is dry, sparks are flying about, and a bushfire could start at any moment. Please, if not for the Gambian people, make the right choice for your own Jolla people that they may not suffer. Jammeh has provoked the Mandinka’s to create civil war, but it is not too late to stop it. 
A Gambian Patriot
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