Letter Writer Supports Abdoulie Savage’s Take On the Current Gambian Situation!


Pa, I to support Mr. Savage’s piece on your Newspaper. Pa, The Gambia situation is not like any other country because our country there is no democracy and how to approach it for any demonstration should be different from the way one can approach a country like Senegal.

People should know that sitting in the diaspora and opening a radio station is not like going to Gambia for a peaceful demonstration. Your analysis and that of M Njie on the Gambia situation is always correct. It should be left to the Gambian people to rise and demand justice; all we can do is to inform them of their rights not to enforce it to them.

Now look at the situation in Gambia… No one in the diaspora is willing to even pay an air ticket to go there or even donate an amount equivalent to an air ticket. Those advocating for a civil disobedience are the same ones who ran while waiting to be charged in a court of law.

I want people to trust your excellent analysis of the Gambia because you are a veteran advocate for democracy. But we will all join hands to find a quick fix to the release of all those detained and tortured.


Written By A Concerned Citizen.

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