Gambia: Breaking News: Dictator Jammeh Feeds Gambians With Dog Meat For Ritual; Darboe And Co Manhandled; Jammeh Refuses To Relocate To Morocco; Ansumana Jammeh Detained!


Pa, This is The Soldier, permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians DCC agents have gathered too much information and we will report what the public should know and will keep the rest. DCC agents are deeply embedded with the PIU, NIA, under covers and even the black black. Since last week a lot has happened and we were waiting until the right moment to report what is important. Fellow Gambians, according to reliable DCC agents the UDP opposition leader Ousainou Darbo is seriously injured and is healing and deprived of food, water, etc. As far as DCC agents are concerned uncle Ousainou Darboe has earned to be named Gambia’s Nelson Mandela. When he was arrested he was given the opportunity to go home and he refused to go, he told the arresting officers that he is not going anywhere until everybody who has been arrested is released. According to the DCC agent, bail was granted to him and he vehemently told the arresting officers that without Solo Sendeng and group, he is not moving an inch. Dictator Jammeh was briefed by Saul Badjie and both made the decision to “torture “not only Ousainou Darbo but all the detainees. A DCC agent overheard Saul Badjie saying that he will not tolerate this and will beat and torture everyone who is involved in the protest. DCC can report to Gambians and the International Community that the UDP leader is hurt on the head and monster Jammeh’s secret doctors have wrapped a bandage on Ousainou Darbo’s head. He also have wounds on his body and dictator Jammeh is paranoid and is trying to use any means to quickly heal the wounds. But Gambians DCC has reliable agents who have seen everything and will reveal the facts at the proper time. But DCC can report to Gambians that most likely some of the detainees will not recover from the beating and torture, DCC is sorry to say this but this is the truth. In the meantime Saul Badjie has instructed that they transfer the detainees every three days from one detention center to another one. Monster Jammeh and Saul Badjie are plotting a plan to talk to Ousainou Darbo to tell his people not to demonstrate anymore, but they know that Ousainou Darbo will not fall for that trick. Do not be surprise if they secretly take Ousainou Darbo to state house just like they did with Imam Baba Leigh so that they can convince him to reconcile. DCC can confirm to you that this has been discussed and they don’t just know how to execute it. They are also trying to approach some of the Imams and elders to pretend that they are begging monster Jammeh to forgive the UDP people. This is monster Jammeh at his best, since nobody has begged him he will force people to come and beg him.

Fellow Gambians as reported before there is high military presence everywhere. Dictator Jammeh is paranoid and is here shouting at everyone. DCC can confirm to you that devil Zeinab is not comfortable and is appealing to monster Jammeh for them to move to Morocco and dictator Jammeh is saying no. Dictator Jammeh is being briefed that the whole country is on edge and there is tension everywhere. There is one place dictator Jammeh fears more than any place, it is BRIKAMA. Dictator Jammeh has deployed more than 100 undercover at Brikama and issued directives that the military monitor Brikama so that no uprising starts there. He said that if any demonstration begins at Brikama then it is over, so there is a lot of undercover in Brikama. Our brothers and sisters in Brikama please know that you are under a lot of surveillance dictator Jammeh is afraid of Brikama than any other place. Just yesterday monster Jammeh killed dogs and gave them out as charity and DCC will not be surprised if the meat was not taken to Brikama too. Marabouts told him that if you feed a dog you become his master and that is why he is feeding dogs to Gambians so that he can be the everlasting master and Gambians will be his servants. Dictator Jammeh no charity will save you now, remember DCC reported that a storm was brewing and it landed, right, a super storm is coming and this one will start at the ” heart” of state house. Monster Jammeh read the briefings we are sending you, read between the lines and you will see what is coming. 

Fellow Gambians, DCC can report that even the people who work for dictator Jammeh are afraid of the demonstration. Senior officers have abandoned using their tinted cars because they don’t want to be identified and attacked. Gambians we promise you very soon senior officers will run, this even include people like the turtle VP Isatou Njie Saidy who is very mute now. DCC can also report to you that there is shortage of certain types of food in the Gambia. The border closure by the Senegalese authority is finally impacting every household. Just call family members and ask them to look for something like bananas, there is shortage of bananas because of the border closure, no food and other commodities are passing through.

Fellow Gambians, speaking of the border there is heavy presence of Senegalese army at the border, there are a lot of army vehicles including tankers. It is like a war zone and it looks like they will invade and enter Gambia at any second. DCC agents have seen the tankers and seen all types of military firearms. Dictator Jammeh are you aware of this, is Gambia going to be invaded and you cannot run to Cassamance, that route is close, DCC can confirm that to you.  

DCC can also report that monster Jammeh has started arresting a lot of people and will use the GRTS propaganda machine to try and distract Gambians. The former ambassador to Qatar Ansumana Jammeh who is monster Jammeh’s sibling and his Maligam associates are currently at MILE-2. Dictator Jammeh will take a lot of people down with him, Ansumana has been advised several times but he refused to leave and now he will face the consequences. But Gambians when the pressure is on dictator Jammeh he always tries to distract Gambians by doing something else so that Gambians can forget about him. Monster Jammeh it is too late, you know that the UDP detainees are not afraid, they show no sign of fear and the briefings you received clearly said that they are not afraid to die. Monster Jammeh you must go, even your own mother is suffering right now, there is no electricity and she uses lamps and candles when NAWEC is off, do you want to deny this, DCC agents are everywhere. Monster Jammeh if you deny that Ousainou Darbo is not injured please show him on GRTS, DCC is challenging you. Monster Jammeh do you want to deny that you issued a directive that Alagy Ceesay the former MD of Taranga should languish in jail until after the election. Do you want to deny this, you said that Mr. Ceesay should die because he was dating a girl you like and you also said that he was going to use his radio to tarnish your image and you know that is a lie you made that up because you liked the girl. 

DCC is again warning Saul Badjie, Yankuba Badjie, Nuha Badjie who recently flew to Pakistan, Saul Badjie sent him and other Black Black for torture techniques. Saul Badjie do you want to deny this. DCC is warning Ousman Sonko, IGP Yankuba Sonko (PIU report to you),  the entire NIA staff we know all your names the Jatta’s, the Jengs, etc, etc, your names have been collected and documented. 

On a last note we are appealing to Gambians in America especially DUGA to go to Mariama Jammeh’s school and demonstrate again. Mariama Jammeh just like many Gambians should come and attend UTG. 

DCC will continue to monitor the developments. We are lying very low and monitoring Yankuba Badjie who is very paranoid and wants to run but do not know where to run.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.

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