Gambia: Breaking News: Jammeh Flees Banjul For Kanilai After Ordering Judge To Deny Darboe And Co Bail; An Imminent Demonstration In The Making!


The Kanilai coward has just left Banjul for his home villa amid growing tension in the city Banjul about a potential demonstration tomorrow, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Jammeh’s convoy is around Brikama, as we file this report. Jammeh is a coward. His surrogates and killers should know that this paranoid idiot wouldn’t hesitate to abandon them once his regime is threaten. Time will tell.

gambia_king_of_gambia_lon102_18615793Ousainou Darboe and co are expected to appear before Jammeh’s rogue high court tomorrow for bail application. Jammeh has already given orders for bail to be denied. He has fled the city. He is not sure how the UDP and Gambians would react to such developments. Hence, he has decided to abandon the seat of power Banjul to settle in Kanilai for now.

Gambians should come out in large numbers on Friday to demand for Darboe’s release. The compromised judiciary is not going to accord the detainees justice. It is common knowledge. There is no difference between the security agents who killed Solo Sandeng and co the judiciary.

As we file this story, the Jammeh regime is in complete dilemma. Interior Minister Ousman Sonko and Yankuba Badjie told the Freedom Newspaper that they were asked by Jammeh as to whether it was safe to open the schools on Friday. but they advised that let the schools to remain close for now.

Reports have it that there is going to be a big demonstration during the weekend. Stay tuned. 

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