Gambia: Weekend Bombshell: Jammeh Having Sex With Ethiopian Prostitutes Hosted At The Sindola Hotel; Jammeh Plans To Expel Senegalese Ambassador And His Nationals From The Gambia!


Pa This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, as the whole country is mourning and high tension everywhere, emir Imam dictator Jammeh is right now fornicating with girls from Ethiopia. According to the Kanilai DCC agent, there are about 9 Ethiopian girls staying at the Sindola Hotel and chief pimp Jimbeh Jammeh was seen picking some them and taking them inside monster Jammeh’s Kanilai residence. Prior to these girls traveling to Kanilai, they have been staying for more than a month at the former Ocean Bay hotel in Cape Point Bakau. If any of you know anyone working at this hotel, they will confirm about these girls. How can a full Imam and Emir, who just transformed the country to the Islamic State of The Gambia be ordering prostitutes all the way from Ethiopia? Since dictator Jammeh attended the AU conference, he has been fascinated by Ethiopian women. How can a full Imam and Emir dictator Jammeh who is married be sleeping with girls as young as his own daughter Mariama Jammeh. 

Fellow Gambians, dictator Jammeh is sick in the brain and he needs to be arrested. Whilst the ordinary Gambian cannot afford anything to eat, he is giving these girls a lot of money. Even monster Jammeh’s mother is suffering, when NAWAC goes off she uses local lamps and candles. Dictator Jammeh cares only about one person, that is devil Zeinab who is at this minute milking the Gambian coffer. DCC has discover another way she is scamming the country, but that is documented for future reference. Fellow Gambians these so call Imams should be all dismiss and even arrested. Fellow Gambians, prior to departing for Kanilai monster Jammeh handed over large sum of money to be distributed to all the local Imams in the Gambia. So Imam Cherno Kah and Imam Lamin Touray are distributing the money to the Imams and passing instructions that came from monster Jammeh. Instead of these hypocritical imams telling dictator Jammeh the truth to relinquish power and stop jailing, killing, torturing, stealing and abusing power, they are telling the local imams to praise monster Jammeh during today’s Friday Jumah Prayer. Fellow Gambians just call your family members that was the topic of the Friday sermon.

According to a DCC agent, who attended Friday prayers the Imam was praising monster Jammeh and preaching for peace. The Imams did not even address that monster Jammeh should release all political prisoners but preaching peace, how can there be peace when people are constantly suffering under the rule of dictatorship. According to the agent many people left the prayer place when the imam started talking about monster Jammeh. DCC is warning these so called Imams that their day will come. The Imams have been bribed and this is the language they understand, they don’t care about the country but their pockets. This is why Gambians Imam Baba Leigh should be saluted, he stood up to the monster and was preaching the truth. These so called Imams are telling people who attended Friday prayers to not listen to the people in the diaspora, that the people in the diaspora are the enemies, can you believe that. Is it not dictator Jammeh who is the enemy? They are representing monster Jammeh and executing his “damage control” propaganda machine. They are the ones who are distributing the money and if you notice all monster Jammeh is doing is donate, donate and donate. Monster Jammeh will do anything to stay in power including killing his own mother, the only person he will spare is devil Zeinab because that is his way of escape.

Fellow Gambians, the demonstration in Senegal on Friday has shaken monster Jammeh, DCC agents can confirm this to you. Dictator Jammeh is paranoid and is also ranting about what he will do. He is threatening that he will expel the Senegalese Ambassador from the Gambia. Dictator Jammeh is also saying that he will soon expel all the Senegalese from the Gambia. Monster Jammeh, do you know the economic effect if you expel Senegalese, actually that will be your end, do it don’t cancel this. Monster Jammeh the noose is slowly tightening on your neck, it is over. Another demonstration is brewing, a lot of prospective protesters are on 100% standby. When it comes you will not be able to board your pre-fuel plane, do you want to deny that you have already fuel a plane for last minute get away. Gambians please let’s all go out in large numbers to the UDP court on Monday. Let all unions, students, young, old and all civil servants wear their Gambian “hat” and show support and solidarity to Ousainou Darboe and the entire UDP party. If we don’t unite and act now this will come to hunt us. DCC cannot reveal all but something will happen. Every Gambia should wake up Monday morning and attend the court, enough is enough, power belongs to the people.

DCC is warning Minister Sherriff Bojang, DCC is also warning minister of Justice Fatou Mama Singhateh, we are monitoring your each step and time will tell. DCC is also warning Nigerian judges who read this paper every day, DCC agents have witnessed some of them reading Freedom Newspaper. This Nigerian judges don’t have any relatives in the country and they don’t care and are heartless. But one day they will all face justice.

On a last note Gambians, please if you know any IMAM call them and advise them to desist from monster Jammeh. DCC has the proof and we will prove it one day. To prove DCC is monitoring, DCC agent at Kanilai witness Imam Lamin Touray converted one of the Ethiopian prostitutes and gave her a name of Aisha Jammeh. This happen at the Kanilai mosque on Friday, Imam Touray do you want to deny this, please DO NOT. Imam Touray, do you know this is what monster Jammeh does to play and fornicate with women. He will convert them into Muslims and use that to sleep with them every day. Do you know how many girls monster Jammeh abused using this trick and you say you are an Imam to Emir monster Jammeh. Ask Imam Fatty how many women he converted for monster Jammeh. Imam Lamin Touray the tide has turn and you need to face reality and tell monster Jammeh the truth. Are you getting ready to be part of the post Jammeh  ” apology march” and holding a banner that reads ” Sorry, we were just following orders, and you will chant this very loudly for all to hear.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and 2014 December Martyrs. 

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