Gambia: Yaya Jammeh Will Never Voluntarily Give Gambians Freedom; Gambians Must Demand Their Freedom


Yaya Jammeh Will Never Voluntarily Give Gambians Freedom; Gambians Must Demand Their Freedom

And Thank You Freedom Newspaper For Standing Up For Gambia All These Years

Martin Luther King’s acclaimed quote “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed” epitomizes the struggle by patriotic Gambians to once again live in dignity. The time has come and this moment should be seized upon to liberate our people, so that we can again live in peace, progress and prosperity.

And in the fight to regain our lost dignity, I salute the Freedom Newspaper, among the exceptional few, for the national sacrifice in its crusade to give Gambians the dignity and respect we deserve.

Gambians are well aware of the uncharacteristic – defying your parents and misplaced cultural norms — and principle position Freedom Newspaper took since 2006 to expose this despot and, in the process, persevere and persistently educate the masses about our people’s right to self-determine their course.

Thank you, Editor Mbai and your team.  Dierre len dieuff! History, as I said before, will be kind to you and your comrades.

My compatriots, ever since this despotic, criminal and tyrannical imbecile imposed himself on our people, Gambians have been reduced to slavery. Our self-esteem, individually, and as a people to dream for a prosperous society has dissipated; success comes only through either self-abasement by subscribing to Jammeh’s cruel and criminal enterprise or the indignity of becoming a “hypocrite, a liar or thief”, to borrow a compatriot’s definition of modern day Gambia.

It is interesting that the very weapons our tax payers fund, are the weapons Jammeh uses to oppress and condemn our people in the open prison we live in. Jammeh has looted, maimed and killed so much to the extent Gambians question the very essence of our being. All this thuggery and savagery coming from a forlorn child who enjoyed the typical Gambian hospitality from Half-Die, Tobacco Road, Latrikunda, the Fonis he hailed from, and at the Gambian tax payers expense, The Bakau Depot. The 1994 illegal military coup, we are told, was even put on a plate for him. And Gambians responded by dancing in the street, only to realize that the devil we shunned at the time would be far better to the idealistic angel in “Soldiers with a Difference”.

I asked myself this question every other day: What have Gambians done to Yahya Jammeh to deserve the indignity we have been reduced to?

The senseless murder of Solo Sandeng is the moment in history when our national conscience is pricked. If we as a nation fail to act, then our country is doomed. Let us come together and hold each other’s hand to demand Solo Sandeng’s body, and the release of all political prisoners, including Lawyer Darboe and Amadou Sanneh. This is the moment, and if we do not act, Jammeh’s tyranny is evergreen and the next victim will be you or I.

God save The Gambia!

Written By An Insider Banjul

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