Gambia: Letter To Madam Zeinab Jammeh: Your Husband Has Killed More Gambians Than Those Dying Of Cancer


Dear Madame First Lady, Our country is today at a dangerous crossroad and the world is washing its hands from the ruthless and murderous regime of your husband. As mother to Yaya Jammeh’s children, you can no longer close your eyes to the heinous crimes that your husband is committing against ordinary Gambians since he came to power in 1994. The list of countless innocent Gambians killed during 22 years of your husband’s rule included political activists, youth leaders, school children, army officers, union leaders, journalists and former cabinet ministers.

JAMMEH AND MALIAN WITCH DOCTORS EDITEDYou have been branded as ‘globe-trotting gold digger’ and a ‘racist who enjoys seeing Gambians suffer’ but personally I know that you are a God-fearing woman and mother who had showed deep compassionate care towards poor children and cancer patients that is why today you are travelling the whole world trying to drum up support for your charity, Operation Save The Children.

Since coming to power in 1994, your husband have killed more Gambians than the number of patients dying of cancer in our hospitals. There are today more children whose parents have been brutally murdered and left to suffer in pain and destitution without the support of their living husbands and fathers to take care of them. The families of the late Captain Ello Jallow, Daba Marennah, Minister Koro Ceesay, journalist Deyda Hydara, the nine people executed including Lieutenant Alieu Bah and very recently Solo Sandeng with two female youths of the UDP party just to name a few, are today forced to live in complete desolation and destitution without the support of their murdered breadwinners.

As a mother and the First Lady of the Republic (although your husband had married Mrs Alima Sallah (Jammeh) in 2010 and also Mrs. Nora Muritallah Jammeh from Kumasi, Ghana on 26th August 2012 at a ceremony held at the Golden Tulip Hotel), I am urging you to intervene and start making all necessary arrangements to convince your husband that the time has now come to leave power and give back to ordinary Gambians their inherent rights, freedom and dignity that were denied to us during the more than twenty years of his despotic rule.

It is disingenuous to say that the enormity of the crimes your husband is committing against innocent Gambians could be described as genocide which is generally considered one of the worst moral crimes a government or any ruling authority can commit against its citizens or those it controls. Noteworthy is the fact that the ICC now covers not only genocide, but crimes against humanity that include, aside from genocide, government murder, extermination campaigns, enslavement, deportation, torture, rape, sexual slavery, enforced disappearance, and apartheid. 

In a democracy you don’t shoot and kill those who are demonstrating for their rights. Section 25 of the 1997 Constitution guarantees those rights. Today in the Gambia, a child is most likely to lose a parent before turning twelve than many children are in other countries. Every nation in our region is making substantial progress in terms of human rights and freedom to choose their leaders; Gambia is the only country opposing a term limit and it is descending into the worst form of human right abuses and denial of the essential freedoms necessary for human development in a free political environment.

Politics that is based on fear, tribes and ethnicity is a politics that will tear our country apart and is doomed to failure. Gambians gained their independence in 1965 after a determined struggle by both Muslims and Christians coming from different tribal background. Whether our people who fought for our liberation were Mandingos, Wollofs, Akus, Fulas, Jolas or Manjagus did not matter then as our fore-fathers were determined to get everything that belongs to Gambia for Gambians. They laid a solid foundation for a cosmopolitan Gambia to live in peace and harmony under the leadership of former President Sir Dawda Jawara.

Gambia achieved independence in 1965 the same year your husband was born. You see Madame First Lady, because of the generosity and care of magnanimous Gambians your husband was adopted, educated and fed in a freely democratic society to be what he is today.  Instead of paying back and upholding the true ideals of democracy that was gained and cultivated since independence, he succeeded in reversing all the gains and aspirations of Gambians taking us back to the time our ancestors were captured and sold as slaves. What your husband is doing to us today is modern-day slavery.

It is for these reasons that I am now compelled to personally write to you through this medium and urge you to seriously talk some sense to your deranged husband to remind him that his time is up and should now apologize to all Gambians and seek Allah’s forgiveness for the untold suffering we endured throughout his 22 years in power so that your children (Miriam and Mohamed) will be free from having to become refugees in foreign countries or better still, being runaway fugitives wanted for the heinous crimes committed by their father against his own people. When you succeeded in doing this, history will judge you as the First Lady who ended dictatorship in the Gambia.

 A Clairvoyant Insider, BATUKUNKU

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