Gambia: The Friday 22nd April Senegambia Demonstrations In Senegal


If Gambians know what the Place de l’Obelisque symbolizes in Senegal history, one will not take the granting of a permit to hold a demonstration in this venue lightly. This is the place that holds Senegal’s Independence Celebrations. Dr. Sedat Jobe was on 2STV on Saturday with Pape Ale Niang ” Ca me dit mag” dissecting the ramifications of the historical relations of Senegambia. It was great and informative.

I was there and could feel the wind of change of heart from ALL sections of Senegalese societies and people. The most presence that made me happy was the appearance of the entire main political parties specially Hon. Mustapha Diakhate of the ruling APR party and majority leader of the House. This man clearly represented president Macky Sall and government.

As in all diplomacy this man’s presence sends a CLEAR signal to Jammeh that Senegal is behind the Gambian people by saying enough is enough. If one watched the 4 April independence military procession one knows it was clearly meant to send a signal and show Jammeh that Senegal is mighty and ready on the military front too. Yes a republican army that NEVER made a coup d’état against a democratic government no matter how hot the political situation is earns the respect of all democrats the world over.

Yes, Senegal including the Transport Union in particular are ready to help Gambia come back to the democratic family fold, and have shown Jammeh that they are resolutely ready to make that happen sooner than later.

Every god-fearing Senegambia is fed-up about Jammeh, who is nothing but a wild animal whose home is not amongst human beings but at the ZOO.
It was SOLIDARITY of the highest order.

Written By A Concerned Gambian.

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