Gambia: Do You Know This Guy In Dark Glasses?


Can anyone please help identify this man in dark glasses? He is believed to be an agent of the National Intelligence Agency stationed at The Gambian Embassy in Dakar. He masqueraded himself as a protesters on the day of the protest march held in Dakar. He was with the busted novice NIA agent Girbil Badjie. Any information about his name, address, date of birth, and so would be greatly appreciated. There is another third alibi. We will share his picture as soon as we receive it from Senegal.

DAKAR 2Earlier on, we shared a video on Facebook, which featured an NIA agent, who was busted during the protest.  JK’s mediocre NIA agent busted. Dude is not an intelligence material. A good asset should not be too obvious. He was acting too obvious.

Little did he know that he was being trailed by a counter surveillance team. This is a warning to JK’a agents both at home and abroad: We are documenting your activities.

The moment he started secretly videotaping the protesters, some intelligent minds in the crowd became suspicious about his activities.

A media representative was approached to interview dude. Dude could barely express himself in wollof. He kept pandering. He never talks sense during the interview.

He lied that his name was Ismailai Drammeh during the interview. He told the Senegalese police that his name is Gribril Badjie. He also claimed that he works as a “driver” at the Gambian embassy in Dakar. It turns out that he is the NIA attaché at the Embassy.

JK’s assets are being closely monitored. Dude lives at a private property owned by The Gambia government in Dakar. The prosperity was purchased by the Jawara government. That’s where dude and co lived. Enjoy the video.

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