Gambia: Ebou Jallow Is A Honorable Gambian — Hats Off To Him “Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again” Martin Luther King


Solo Sandeng, Lamin Sanneh, Njagga Jagne, Alhagi Jaja Nyass, and the many fallen Gambian heroes who sacrificed their lives in attempting to eject the brutal Jammeh regime might not see the “Promised Gambian Land” but our people will certainly get there, and when that day arrives, these martyrs will be celebrated and given deserve recognition in our country’s history.

Ebou JallowOne would ask: Why begin this essay with eulogy of our fallen heroes against the headline? Ebou Jallow, as I wrote last week in my article “Yaya Jammeh will never voluntarily give liberty to Gambians…” that the calculated and cold-blooded murder of Solo Sandeng was the moment in time that pricked our national conscience and thus we should rise up.  Ebou Jallow heard the message and in his true notorious trait as perceived by some in the struggle, vented out his conscience in the most remarkable fashion.  Like the proverbial “Prodigal Son”, the Freedom Radio stage was set and Jallow went home in what one can only describe as an honest and sombre interview.

Listening to Jallow on Freedom Radio was captivating.  In journalistic parlance, the interview was a Nixon-Frost moment, as far as Gambian media is concerned.  Love him or loathe him, Jallow gripped the listeners, and in the end, many objective conclusions will be: HONORABLE. 

Ebou’s courage in picking up the telephone and reaching out to his fellow compatriots through Freedom Radio is what honorable and decent citizens of conscience do, and, once more, making startling revelations to confirm what many Gambians now know, that the Kanilai monster and his ilk are murderers.

Ebou reminded Gambians that the murder of Sandeng is reminiscent of the cruel elimination of Koro Ceesay.  Jallow further told Gambians that former AFPRC council member, Kaba Bajo, who is now Gambia Football Federation President, could corroborate his story of the murder of Koro Ceesay.  I say to Kaba Bajo, and the many Gambians and their families who conspire in silence:  Haven’t you got conscience?  The time has come.  Put your country first and expose this despot, for “Truth crushed to earth shall rise again.”

I appeal to Ebou – like many have done before – for the sake of our beloved Gambia, make Freedom Radio your eternal home so that the “truth that has been crushed to earth will rise again” and Gambians will once again smell freedom.  Your intellect, experience, and media skills are needed to liberate this beautiful country that this despot has wrecked.

God be with you, the Freedom Newspaper staff and all those who, in one way or the other, fight day and night to give us liberty out here.

For the Gambia our homeland,

We strive and work and pray,

That all may live in unity,

Freedom and peace each day …

Written By An Insider 

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