Gambia: Thank you letter to Captain Ebou Jallow


My brother Ebou Jallow, I thank you for coming out once again to voice your concerns and disgust about the sincerity of Lieutenant Yaya Jammeh.

Ebou JallowThe family of Solo Sandeng and Lawyer Oussainu Darboe will greatly appreciate your concerns and condemnations for not condoning the atrocities that your former comrade Lieutenant Jammeh commits on our people on almost a daily basis. We heard you loud and clear and would like to also thank the person who advised you to distance yourself from Jammeh’s actions and brutalities. History will retain that Ebou Jallow is a very peaceful, lawful and concerned citizen who will not hesitate to take the side of the truth whenever needed. You have in the past suffered moral bruises from your former council comrade Jammeh and have also contributed a great deal in exposing him when you left them when the going was much tougher to expose and explain. Today we are almost at the end of the tunnel and soon all of you will come back home to partake in the nation’s development efforts to redress 22 years of moral decadence. Yaya Jammeh has destroyed, the social fabric of our country and that alone will take lot of efforts to repair and prepare our future generation to be civilized, lawful and tolerant people. From henceforward, I can feel that you will never again listen to people around you who tell you Jammeh will change and that you can help him to change through dialogue. Jammeh will never change because “Golo Du Bayi Aig”. Jammeh’s fate and soul has been sealed with the devil and hellfire will be their final resting abode. Pa Nderry Mbye said it over and over and all reasoning civilize citizens also know Jammeh will never change and it is a matter of time only for the person who believe in Jammeh to receive his share of Jammeh’s evil actions.

God has made your life more meaningful in the diaspora and saved you from the clutches of your former comrade’s tyranny. Thank God for it.

We on the ground thank you very much for your compassionate feelings and public disgust pronouncements specially in these final trying moments where innocent lives are taken away simply because they cry for freedom, rule of law, justice and fair play. Their lives will not go in vain for they did nothing to deserve death from a brutal dictator who calls himself a Gambian. He is certainly not part of us because he transformed the smiling coast into a crying coast. He shall pay the price and soon.

Greetings from Banjul and God Bless and Guide you.

By: A Concerned citizen listening to Freedom newspaper in Banjul on a daily basis.

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