Gambia: Breaking News: Senegalese Singer Ouza Jallow Warns Against Senegal’s Invasion Against The Gambia; As He Accuses Moustapha Diakate Of Diplomatic Misconduct!


A veteran Senegalese artist Ouza Jallow, has warned against Senegal’s invasion of the West African nation of The Gambia. This followed, increasing calls within Senegal and some section of the diasporan Gambian community for Senegal to intervene in The Gambian political crisis by ejecting the regime of  the De Facto dictator Yahya Jammeh.

The Senegalese singer opines that Senegal has no right to invade an independent and sovereign nation, The Gambia. He said The Gambia is not a province of Senegal and therefore, people urging the Macky government to topple Jammeh from power are clueless, when it comes to world politics and Geopolitical diplomacy.

“Senegal has no business about what is happening in The Gambia. The Gambia is a sovereign independent state. People making such calls are clueless,” he said.

Ouza Jallow, in an hour long interview with Freedom Radio Gambia on Tuesday, condemned politician Moustapha Diakate, who was recently quoted during a protest march against the Jammeh regime in Senegal, as having said that “Senegal should go after Yahya Jammeh’s government.” Diakhate’s statement doesn’t go down well with Ouza Jallow. Mr. Jallow in response accuses Mr. Diakhate, of violating diplomatic protocol.

“Mourstapha Diahate has no right to issue such irresponsible statements against the government of President Yahya Jammeh. It is irresponsible on his part to call for the removal of President Yahya Jammeh from power. Senegal has no right to replace Jammeh or invade The Gambia as a sovereign nation. It was childish on Diakhate’s part to make such public statements. This goes to show that Moustapha Diakate, is an inexperienced politician,” Ouza Jallow lamented.

“Assuming that the government of Senegal, has hatched such plans against The Gambia, it is immature for Mr. Diakate, to disclose it in public. It is most likely that he heard about it, but going public with it is wrong and unethical as a government official. I am not in the position to say whether what he said represents the position of Macky’s government. My position is that: Diakate’s conduct is reprehensible. He cannot make such statements. The Gambia and Senegal are one people. Senegal has enough on its plate. For thirty years, it cannot fix the Casamance rebellion crisis. How can Senegal invade The Gambia, when it cannot sort out the problem in Casamance? It is absurd for anyone to make such proportions. President Makcy Sall has other better things to think about than invading The Gambia,” he said.  

Ouza Jallow, said the likes of Moustapha Diakate should respect Gambia’s sovereignty as an independent nation. He expresses shock and disappointment that a person of Mr. Diakate’s type can make such irresponsible remarks against a sister neighboring nation.

“It is like the Mauritanian government saying it wants to reclaim Saint Louis. Saint Louis used to be the Mauritanian capital. Mauritania has never contemplated reclaiming Saint Louis from us. What right has Senegal got to do with Gambian internal political problems and affairs? We should advocate for peace between the nations and not war,” he remarked.

According to Mr. Jallow, both he and Diakate fought the regime of Abdoulie Wade to ensure that democracy rains in Senegal. But at the same time, he said he cannot understand why Diakate is trying to jeopardize the relationship between the countries by making such farfetched statements.

Ouza Jallow also talks about Senegal dancing to the dictates of France. He said the difference between Senegalese and Gambians is that Gambians do not hesitate to speak their mind, while Senegalese, he said are in the business of “masla.” He added that Senegal is still using the French Franc together with other Francophone countries. He said attempts for some of the Francophone countries to opt out from the CFA, has been rejected by France. He told Freedom Radio that British African colonies are full Africans, while French colonies are incomplete beings.

Regarding the border closure, Ouza Jallow, said that The Gambia stands to lose more—given the current economic challenges facing the West African nation. He called on both nations to resolve the matter amicably.

Ouza Jallow used the interview to bash at gays and lesbians. He added that the Dakar protest was organized by agents of the West, while bashing Senegalese human rights activists.

“I have zero respect for African human rights activists. These are western puppets. They are being fed by the west to lie and undermine our culture. It has reached a point that here in Senegal, no one can lay his hands on gays and lesbians. No one dares beat them. Western backed human rights activists in Senegal, would make noise each time people crackdown on gays and Lesbians. That’s why I respect and admire President Yahya Jammeh, and President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. They refused to toe the dictates of the West. Imagine President Obama coming to Senegal, telling Macky Sall that he wants gay rights to be legalized.. He dares tells that to Yahya Jammeh or Robert Mugabe,” he said.

“I will never support gay rights. It is against our religion and culture. I support people to beat gays and lesbians. They should not be tolerated. It is ungodly. I don’t care about the west,” Ouza Jallow said adding that if the west wants let them ban his music.

“If my opposition to gay rights, would warrant such measures let them do whatever they want. I am not going to compromise my stance just for the sake of appeasing the west. I have an American visa, but I don’t want to visit that country. There is nothing like gay rights, as far as our religion and culture is concerned,” Ouza Jallow opined.

Mr. Jallow, who just returned from Paris for medical treatment said he doesn’t want to have any dealings with gays and lesbians.

“ I am not in the position to know if the doctor, who treated me, is a gay or not. I rather  be treated by a non-gay than a gay. I meant what I am telling you,” he said.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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