Gambia: Breaking News: A Stranger In Senegal; After Thirty Eight Years Of Not Visiting Senegal!


Abdoulie Jobe, is a Gambian British political activist. He is currently visiting Dakar, Senegal, after thirty eight years of not visiting the French speaking nation. Mr. Jobe is a complete stranger in Senegal.

ABDOULIE JOBE EDITED 2He left Camden under a cold weather—thinking that he might find a similar weather in Senegal. This is evident on Jobe’s dress code. But to his chagrin, Jobe started breathing hot air as soon as he landed. He must be enjoying the warm sunshine, and traditional Senegambian heritage.

In a brief chat with this Editor, Mr. Jobe, said he is happy to be back home. His roots originated from Senegal, even though is a Gambian born native.

According to Mr. Jobe, he visited Africa, thirty two years ago. He last visited Senegal, thirty eight years ago, he added.

Mr. Jobe is in Senegal on a mission. He is an official of CORDEG, a pro-democracy Gambian organization operating from the diaspora. Another colleague of Mr. Jobe, Mr. James Bahoum, is expected to join him in Dakar, on Saturday. Bahoum is flying out from Birmingham to Dakar.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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