Gambia: The Arab spring and it’s implications for Gambia


Hi Pa, there are similarities between the Arab Spring and Gambia’s situation today but there are very different root problems. Theirs is a political struggle, maturing from rival tribal groups held in check by a strong dictator to a real plural democracy. It’s been prolonged and bloody, notably in the case of Ghaddafi and Libya. Gambia is going in the opposite direction for different reason

Gambia’s problems are neither economic nor political, but spiritual. Jammeh holds power by demonic means which can only be destroyed by understanding God then prayer and fasting. This is why Imam Baba Lee suggested some time ago that every Gambian should fast and repeat certain prayers to be relieved of this burden. I did but I’m sure very few others understood or did it. While many Gambians are sincerely praying for a peaceful transition they may not be answered because they are not the right prayers. The Bible says there can be no peace for the wicked.

The root of Gambia’s problems are akha and bakarr. Unless they are dealt with Jammeh may go but nothing will really change for better. Many very good speakers have been on Freedom with valid viewpoints but they do not deal with the root problem. In England we call it the elephant in the room, a problem that everyone knows about but no-one talks about. Jammehs idols, charities and sacrifices. They are the source of his power and cannot be defeated by natural means. The man is incapable of rising to power and holding on to it in the way he has these past 20 years. It’s not him but the forces of evil working in and through him. They need to exposed and neutralized!

How? By the knowing Word of God and using it. A doctor recognizes an illness by the symptoms and makes his diagnosis accordingly. He may suspect it and do tests to prove or disprove it. So too anyone familiar with the Bible or Quran will recognize both the symptoms and solution to Gambia’s spiritual problems. They are very clear. As an example, my dad was an alcoholic for the last 30 years of his life and it killed him. The root problem was depression which could have been treated effectively with tablets. He refused the medication instead choosing to deaden the pain with alcohol. In doing so he drank himself to death. There was no point in trying to stop him drinking, nor would it have dealt with the problem because it did not deal with the root which was depression. Removing Jammeh is not the answer. He is a symptom of the spiritual disease of false marabouts using and promoting demonic powers! 

Several of your callers have asked the question “what have we done to God”, the implication being why has God allowed this to happen to us? This is the right question! 

Most in the diaspora live in countries with a legal, social and political system derived from a Bible based culture where there is little active occult activity in public life. Most African leaders, notably Jammeh come to power through demonic forces which later manifest themselves in oppressive and destructive regimes.  Jesus said “the thief (Satan) comes only to steal, kill and destroy…” This sums up Jammeh and his regime.

Like my dad, the solution/cure can only be implemented by the people concerned, especially those on the ground but they are in spiritual ignorance. My proposal is to have a discussion on air with Imam Baba Lee about the spiritual dimension of the struggle which in THIS case is the most important. I come at it from a Christian viewpoint but he would of course approach it from and Islamic viewpoint. 

In practical terms please could you first put me in touch with Imam Baba so that we could discuss the proposed program, then if possible agree a date and time with you. 

If you feel that this discussion has no place on Freedom, then that’s fine. It’ your editorial prerogative. Normally I write my articles, but I feel that this needs to be aired to a much wider audience in both Gambia and Senegal.

 I heard of a case where a temple was threatened by a bush fire. Four monks were there at the time. Three went out to fight the fire, but one went into the temple and began to pray. The fire fighters could not stop the fire but shortly after he began to pray the wind shifted direction and began to blow the fire away from the temple. Coincidence? Maybe but the temple was saved WHEN one man prayed.

Best wishes and no hard feelings either way.

Written By A Concerned Gambia

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