Gambia: Abdoulie Balde, Mayor of Zinguinchor Stopped From Entering Gambia To Meet Yaya Jammeh


Dear Pa, Yaya Jammeh is so desperate now about the border closure that he has extended his mischievous games with Macky Sall’s Government, First, it was Ejhaj Diouf, former Senegal international football and special adviser to Macky Sall, who was obviously paid large money to campaign for the opening of the border. Elhage Diouf should not forget that it was this very Yaya Jammeh who asked all the Gambian players not to shake hands with the Senegalese at the time of the Gambia/ Senegal CAF qualifying match almost ten years ago.

Yesterday, the Mayor of Zinguinchor and former cabinet Minister in the Wade government, Abdoulie Balde, was stopped at the Seleti border with a strong delegation on a visit to Gambia under the secret invitation of Yaya Jammeh through the KMC. The Senegal military officers at the border denied him and his delegation to proceed to Gambia when he failed to follow appropriate Senegalese official protocol when it was discovered that he did not inform the Senegalese President about his trip. He insisted that he was on this mission to discuss the border problems with the KMC Chairman. What are bunch of baloney!

Yaya Jammeh is now desperate and is doing all sorts of desperate moves to undermine the government of Macky Sall. Since it was Yaya Jammeh who took Senegal to the ECOWAS Court, we are urging President Sall not to relent and wait for the Ecowas decision. WE GAMBIANS ARE READY TO SUFFER AS LONG AS YAYA JAMMEH REFUSES TO QUIT.

Written By An Insider


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