Gambia: Homage To Aji Yam Secka And Her Mbartu/Kalama Revolution Produce Solo Sandeng Dead Or Alive


The iconic images of protesting Gambian women waving their “Mbartus” dubbed the Mbartu Revolution, against the brutal and repressive regime of Yahya Jammeh are moments Gambians have long cherished. Demanding Solo Sandeng to be produced dead or alive is astounding and this rejuvenates the struggle to reclaim our country back.

The fear myth has been busted thanks to the courageous and determined leadership of Aji Yam Secka.  Aji Yam has stepped up when called upon, by rallying Gambian women, youth, and men – in body, soul and spirit – towards the struggle for total freedom.  Their defiance have uplifted Gambian spirits and the message has been sent loud and clear to the despot that “Daffa Doyy” – Enough is Enough: Touch one again and you touch all Gambians.

In Ousainou Darboe’s illegal incarceration and absence, these brave women have defied conventional wisdom that Gambians, especially our women folk, lack belligerence in standing up to Yahya Jammeh and his criminal regime. The despot and his feared security apparatus have been rattled. And images of the protesters and their protestations circulating through social media are heart-warming. It gives hope that the smiling coast that produced Africa’s human rights doyen is on the rise. Let history teach Mama Fatima Singhateh that it is the Gambian people under Sir Dawda that championed democracy and human rights for Africa, only for Yahya Jammeh, and her likes (Mama Singhateh) to decimate this legacy. Gambians have always breathe, known, and coveted peace in the first and second republics. And even in adversity during the past 22 years in which we have been confronted with violence from the ruling class, the pacifying qualities of our elders (wakhee mak) – those very elders Yahya Jammeh insults — and our unique characteristics as a people, peace has always prevailed. It is these very qualities that have prevented the destructive path Yahya Jammeh and his criminals so desire for our country.

Aji Yam Secka, her followers, and the Gambian people make a very reasonable demand: Produce Solo Sandeng and co. dead or alive. In any decent society, the law imposes an obligation on the state to produce to the courts within 72 hours a person arrested and suspected of committing a crime. This is guaranteed in our Constitution. But in Yahya Jammeh’s democracy or court, where he is the hyena and all Gambians are goats, no Gambian has rights. Daba Marenah’s murder is in the process of being replayed, but Gambians are sending a clear message: no to impunity; no justice, no peace.

Written By An Insider

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