Gambia: Gambian British Soldier Advises His Colleagues In Uniform In The Gambia


Hello Mr Editor, please allow me some space in your widely read newspaper to advise me and my fellow brothers and sisters in uniform. Brothers and sisters in uniform, please be very careful of your actions toward your fellow citizen. I am a Gambian citizen working in the British Army and have travelled to different war zones for a special mission around the world. Mr editor I was watching the footage on social media of the recent U.D.P leader and his executive demonstrating on the streets of Banjul demanding the release of their youth wing leader and his fellow protesters, to my dismay I saw the police and paramilitary officers trying to arrest the protesters beating them up illegally where some of the members of the protesters were injured and some tortured to death.

My advice to our brothers and sisters in uniform is that the world is three days as always proclaimed by their commander in chief…Tomorrow will always come brothers and sisters and if any one there carried out illegal order you will be surely prosecuted for your actions. If anyone makes you believe that in the services obey and complain you must be living in your own dream world.

Yes you can carry out orders but based on the fact that the order is legal…if any time you have been given an illegal order please brothers and sisters refrain yourself from it and do not carry out that order .if it mean for you to lose your job so be it ….you are better of losing your job now and stay happily with your family than been prison for the rest of your life….

Brothers and sisters always bear in mind  the commander in chief will one day go and for those brothers and sisters who committed crimes against the Gambian will always dance to their own tune….So what would worth you scarifying your own life and family for one individual who you know whether today or in the next ten years will call it day in that office…

Don’t you guys follow events in  Burundi and Uganda where men and women in uniform who  have participate in the killing and torturing of  their fellow countrymen have been dragged to court for their actions after 18 years of their crimes committed.….Some are jailed for life  others have some very heavy and lengthy sentences….What would it be  worth for you to commit a crime only to be rewarded with a promotion, vehicle and government quarters. Please brothers and sisters no condition is permanent in life and the world is like a ball it bounces, everyday…I rest my case God bless freedom radio and its entire crew. God bless the Gambia.

Thanks a concerned citizen

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