Gambia: Breaking News: Top State Secret: Jammeh’s Escape Route In Kanilai Identified!


Kanillia is a major transit center for drug smuggling and also where Jammeh has planned his escape route in The Gambia. Jammeh is a coward who should be hunted down and captured before it is too late.

In Kanilai, Jammeh live in secret underground in a bungalow. This particular place is the hiding ground for Jammeh whenever there is chaos or he feels insecure . This bungalow is near the mosque in Kanilai, and the mosque is painted green and white. To get to this bungalow in Kanilai, here is the description of the way:

Upon entering the main entrance heading to the rest of the White House or State House in Kanilai, there is a main gate guarded by soldiers from the top named the tower guards. After crossing this gate, you will be looking at a two routes on the left and right separated by a lion statue in the middle. Before which, there is a public square on the right hand side of the road where festivals or programs takes place.

The road on the right hand side is where building Four is located. Building four is the main hideout for the Dictator . It is located on left side of the road on the right road from the lion statue. Opposite the ‘building four’ is the protocol houses. Now, in building four, There is another military checkpoint at main entrance to This territory. Bear in mind that, it is called building four, but it is like a whole community with different sections of offices and houses. The Building is huge and has another guard house like that of the State House in Banjul.

Upon entrance on the left, there is a car parking lot or garage and opposite to it, there are offices meant for official purposes. There is also a mosque in building four located after the parking lot on the right . The mosque is also opposite the houses of military or soldiers who live in Kanilai. The mosque is painted in green and white colors like most buildings in Kanilai.

Building four is a very interesting compound. Adjacent to the mosque in the compound four or commonly called building four, there is a house which is the main hideout for the Dictator and there is underground. The color inside of this particular underground is painted black and white. There is a getaway red small car inside this underground.

The gate of the underground is located in the kitchen, which has a white tiles as ground floor tiles. This is how Dictator Jammeh has planned his escape route. It is very few Jammeh’s closed protection officers like King Papa and Saul Badgie, who are aware of this underground in the house in building four.
Dictator Jammeh should know that we are aware of his security measures and plans he has put in place. Jammeh always feels comfortable in Kanilai, where he believes he is secured. What he failed to understand is that Kanilai, is the border with Senegal. It is also the best place to lunch any military strike because it is far from the densely population centers. Dictator Jammeh you cannot hide from Gambians, you will surely be captured soon. Jammeh is currently hiding in this place and it has been identified.

Please publish it for Gambians to know where the Dictator is hiding. Thank you.

By An Insider


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