A top political figure in Senegal, Honorable Moustapha Diakate, has reaffirmed his call for dictator Yahya Jammeh to be sent packing. Mr. Diakate, who is the President of the opposition alliance in Parliament, was speaking in an exclusive interview with Freedom Radio Gambia’s Seedy Ceesay on Monday. The firebrand politician stood by his statement that “Jammeh got to go in the interest of sustaining peace in the Senegambia sub region.”

JAHATEH 2Mr. Diakate, is of the view that Jammeh should allow a one year transition period for the restoration of democracy in The Gambia. Failure of which, he says the Kanilai jester might be asking for trouble. He is not convinced there can peace, stability, tranquility, and economic prosperity in The Gambia, as long as Jammeh remains as the country’s De Facto dictator. He branded Yahya Jammeh as an insane dictator.

Mr. Diakate strongly condemns the arrest and prosecution of Gambia’s opposition leaders and followers, following a peaceful protest organized by the opposition. He noted that Gambians have all rights to organize a peaceful protest. He told Freedom Radio Gambia that Yahya Jammeh should be held responsible for the loss of lives and the illegal arrest and torture of the detainees. 


Senegal, he said, will always stand by Gambians to restore democracy in the West African nation. He also called on ECOWAS and the international community to come to the aid of the oppressed Gambian community.

In a half an hour interview, Mr. Diakate, strongly criticized Jammeh for his dictatorial policies and tendencies. He maintains that the oppressed Gambian people, do not deserve such a monster like Jammeh as their leader. Senegal, he said, has a responsibility to ensure that Gambia’s political crisis doesn’t escalate to a full blown humanitarian situation, while stressing the need for regime change in Banjul.

Mr. Diakate also commented on the border closure and Jammeh’s latest attempts to use Senegalese residing in the Southern province of Casamance to show seeds of discord in the region. A delegation of Casamance natives recently took part in a border meeting in Banjul, in which they blamed Macky Sall for the border closure. Diakate opines that Jammeh’s intention is to create problem in the region. He told Freedom Radio that Jammeh has been the main backer of the MFDC rebels in Casamance.

Mr. Diakete said Jammeh’s legal complaint against Senegal at the ECOWAS court lacks merit. He accuses Jammeh of violating the ECOWAS protocol promoting the free movement of goods and people, Legally Senegal can sue the Jammeh government, he said adding that Senegal doesn’t have time to engage the mad Kanilai monster into legal war. Senegal, he said, must ensure that Gambians are free from dictatorship. Gambia’s endemic dictatorship should be of concern to all and sundry, he added. 

“That should be our immediate priority and not to waste our time dignifying a frivolous lawsuit coming from Jammeh. The days of dictatorship are over. Jammeh must get the message. It is time for Jammeh to leave office. If he is wise, he should come up with a one year transition period and allow the safe restoration of democracy in The Gambia. Failure of which, he should brace up for the inevitable,” he said.

Mr. Diakete used the interview to call on Gambians both at home and abroad to intensify their campaign to effect regime change in Banjul. He said freedom is never free and therefore Gambians should be ready to do what it takes to liberate their country from clutches of Yahya Jammeh’s dictatorship. He referenced Senegal, as an example to buttress his argument. Mr. Diakete said Senegalese have fought tirelessly over the years to ensure that democracy rains in their country. He expects Gambians to borrow a similar leaf from Senegal, to send Jammeh packing.

The Senegalese politician also accuses Ouza Diallo of double standards. He wondered how comes that Ouza Diallo spent his lifetime fighting for democracy in Senegal, dating back the late President Senghore’s administration and yet he (Ouza) can turn a blind eye about the human rights disaster taking place in The Gambia. Diakate said Ouza’s refusal to denounce or speak up against the dictatorship in The Gambia, goes to show that he is not a true democrat as he claims. The full interview will air shortly. Stay tuned.

Written By Pa Nderry Mbai

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