Gambia: Breaking News: Ebrima Sandeng’s Killer Sulayman Sambou Tells Freedom Editor: “If You Call This Number 2289315 Again, I will Sex Your Mother.”


We have just gotten off the phone with the rogue Gambian soldier, killer and torturer Sulayman Sambou, who has been linked to the murder of Ebrima Sandeng, an official of the opposition United Democratic Party. This Editor pretended as if he was calling from the main hospital in Banjul. He briefly exchanged greetings with Mr. Sambou. Sambou wanted to know where he was calling from and he told him. He then asked Mr. Sambou if he could bring Ebrima Sandeng’s body to the hospital for postmortem. That the Ministry of Justice wanted to conduct a postmortem on the body of Ebrima Sandeng. And this is what Sulayman Sambou had to say: “Are you crazy or what? Who are you,? Sambou asked.  

In response, this Editor told him that he was one Dr. Samuel calling from the Francis Small Hospital. He asked Mr. Sambou to bring Sandeng’s body to the hospital for postmortem.

While talking to Mr. Sambou, the phone suddenly dropped. We called him for the second time. He picked up the phone. This time around Sambou went bananas with us by raining insults at our Editor.

“Hello. Hello. If you call me…. If I sex your mother. If I sex your mother. You babay. If I sex your mother. I can sex your mother. Are you fucking crazy? I can sex your mother.  I can sex your mother 100 times. You mother fucker. You mother fucker. I can sex your mother. If I see you, I will sex your mother. Do you hear me? Why are you calling me?  I can sex your mother. I can sex your mother. You go and ask your father. Okay…I will sex your mother. Who told you to call this number? If you call this number again I am going to “baster” you. I can sex your mother,” a rather angry Sulayman Sambou told our Editor.

Apparently, Mr. Sambou has switched off his phone. We placed number phone calls on his number, but he is not picking up.

It would be recalled that some of the female UDP detainees confided to their lawyers that they were allegedly tortured and raped by guards led by Sulayman Sambou. The Freedom Newspaper is yet to solicit a confirmation of such rape charges against Jammeh’s guards from the detainees lawyers.

Folks can reach Mr. Sulayman Sambou on this number: 2289315. This is the number he uses to communicate with his assassin boss Yahya Jammeh. Please call him and ask him to produce the body of Ebrima Sandeng.


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