Gambia: Editorial: The Fall Of Yahya Jammeh Is Here; Vicious Plans To Kill Protesters Exposed!


Dictator Yahya Jammeh should be arrested and brought to book before he would finish killing Gambians. The death Ebrima Solo Sandeng should not go in vain. Gambians should demonstrate until Jammeh is force to leave office. This mad dog monster should go!

In the meantime, there is a standby in Banjul. Security forces are on standby. Jammeh has instructed them to use force to disperse any protest movement taking place in the country.  The blood thirsty dictator is determined to claim more lives. He needs to be stopped!

Members of the security forces should refuse to execute illegal orders coming from Yahya Jammeh. Do not allow Jammeh to use you to kill your defenseless brothers and sisters. There is going to be Gambia after Jammeh’s fall. Please bear in mind that no crime can go unpunished.

There cannot be peace in The Gambia, in the absence of justice. Yahya Jammeh thinks that our people are stupid. He is running a corrupt and compromised judiciary. No sane Gambian should not expect justice from the current discredited judiciary ran by Jammeh’s mercenary judges and lawyers.

Justice Minister Mama Singhateh receives instructions from Jammeh. She is Jammeh’s secret mistress. She is being manipulated by the Kanilai monster, to falsely detain the peaceful protesters.

Bail or no bail for Ousainou Darboe, and his detained followers, Gambians are determined to reclaim their country from this terrorist called Yahya Jammeh. The current situation demands supreme sacrifice to bailout our country from the clutches of Jammeh’s dictatorship.

The protesters should henceforth demand for Jammeh’s steeping down. Nothing more, nothing less. The Gambia, and her people would be better off without this idiotic despot calling himself a President. To say that Jammeh is a liability coke head “leader” is an understatement. Jammeh is a worthless piece of shit.

The low self-esteem so called Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy is another Jammeh enabler. In the face of  current reports of rape and torture allegations against Jammeh’s assassin team, any sane female Cabinet Minister serving the status quo, ought to have tendered her resignation. But the likes of Isatou Njie Saidy, Mama Singhateh, Fatou Lamin Faye, and Neneh Macdouall-Gaye are not women of conscience and substance. They have sold their souls to the Kanilai devil Yahya Jammeh.

It is public knowledge that Yahya Jammeh has been surrounded by apologists and ass kissers. No wonder that is why his regime has been alienated. This is an isolated dying regime. Jammeh has no true friends in the region. He is a mock ass dictator.

There are so many forces fighting this regime. There is no way that Yahya Jammeh can trump under the prevailing circumstances. Gambians shall prevail at the end of the day, Time will tell!

Public opinion doesn’t favor the regime. The overwhelming majority of The Gambian population—both at home and abroad are in desperate need of regime change. Even within the APRC circles, there is  growing call for change. Jammeh is a disservice to The Gambia and her people.

Gambians have long been oppressed by Yahya Jammeh, who thinks that he owns every living being in that country. Jammeh values animals more than Gambians. He treats them with heavy-handedness.  

Now that the table is about to be flipped, we hope and pray that the fall of Jammeh will usher a new dawn of democracy, freedom, and justice in The Gambia. We demand for free Gambia now. Jammeh must go!


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