Gambia: Reaction to Gambia’s reaction to Imam Ceesay


Gambia’s reaction to the imam’s sermon is really just trying to tarnish the crucial points contained in the message. Just because SidiKuru is Imam Ceesay’s brother, does not mean the imam can’t say what he has to say at the time most opportune.

If Sidikuru, is an accessory to any of Jammeh’s numerous crimes, the imam is not the one to answer for that. If you have any specific information about the imam’s involvement in the mayhem prevailing in our country, bring it on. We are not interested casting aspersions and innuendos on the innocent behind pseudonyms.

Jammeh has ruined our country, tortured and killed innocent people. How to get him out is our main concern, and those who have participated with him in his crimes against the Gambian people are just as guilty.  Gambia’s kind have nothing to offer, except to support the dictator by attempting to blackmail critics. It is not working with Gambians nowadays.

Written By A Concerned Gambian

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