Gambia: Reaction To Imam Ceesay’s Article On Freedom Newspaper Fair and Balance!


After carefully read Imam’s statement on freedom, I would like you to ask Imam Ceesay the following questions: 

1-Who is Sidkuru Ceesay?

2- what rolled did he play in 1996 first APRC Election?

3- What was his relationship with the Dictator Yaya Jaameh?

4- Wasn’t he [sidkuru] the adviser of Baba Jobe?

5-Wasn’t the same Sidkuru who had insulted the entire women of Jarra Sikunda village not supporting the APRC Regime?

6-Wasn’t Sidkuru worked for the APRC embassy in Sierra-Leon?

7- Wasn’t the most critics of Kemesseng Jammeh?

8- Where was Imam then?

9- what was his advices to his brother?

10-Wasn’t he an Imam by then?

11-Who is Pam Ceesay? 

We are looking forward hearing him, otherwise, we will expose Sidkuru and pam Ceesay to the Gambian public. The Imam is right! [TONYA-FOWATO-SIITA]

Thank you,

From the good citizens of the Gambia.

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