Gambia: Breaking News: Rumors About Yahya Jammeh’s Arrest Is Rife In Banjul!


“I was very excited when I heard yesterday that Yahya Jammeh has been arrested. It turns out that it was a rumor,” said a Gambian security official. “I am still hopeful that Jammeh would be arrested sooner or later. There are moves to have him into custody,” said the security official.

As the saying goes: Behind any rumor, there is some element of truth into it. The wild rumor about Jammeh’s possible arrest is rife in town like a wildfire. Those in the APRC Camp, will always try to downplay such rumors. But are we surprised?  Nope!

The likes of Imam Ratib Cherno Kah, even had to call certain people at the State House, pretending to be checking on Yahya Jammeh. Kah dares ask if the said rumor he heard was true or false.  Reports in the grapevine have it that the Kanilai monster is dead, while rumors for his arrest are abound in town.

The Freedom Newspaper can report that Yahya Jammeh is alive. Although, he is no medically fit to execute the functions of the Presidency. He is yet to be arrested as rumored in town.

Since the April peaceful protest march, which resulted into the murdering of  the UDP opposition official Ebrima Sandeng, by Jammeh’s guards, the Kanilai monster has been missing in the public view. Jammeh hasn’t made any public statement yet in regards to the incident.  


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