Gambia: Is The Escaped Teranga FM MD Staying With Fatou Jagne Of Article 19?


Dear Editor, the “Great Escape” of the Teranga FM Managing Director Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay, from state custody was recently reported on social media. Since the purported escape of Mr. Ceesay, there is no immediate word about his exact whereabouts.

fatou-jagn ediedI was reliably informed that Mr. Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay, has made it to Senegal.  That he is being hosted by Ms. Fatou Jagne of Article 19. Ms. Jagne, is a Human Rights Activist. She is a Gambian. She is the head of the Article 19 office in Dakar.

Amnesty International, RADO, including the other rights groups in Senegal, are yet to access Alhagie Ceesay. For some reasons, Mr. Ceesay’s presence in Senegal, is being kept secret. I was told that he was received on arrival in Senegal by Fatou Jagne.

Given the sensitivity of Mr. Ceesay’s case and his health status, it is imperative for anyone hosting him to treat the matter with caution.

Alhagie, should be availed with the necessary medical treatment he badly needs.  Ms. Jagne, who specializes on Human Rights Research, should be of great help to him. Thanks for the space.

Editors note: The views of the author does not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. There is no contact information available for Fatou Jagne, for us to be able to reach her to confirm the veracity of such reports.

Written By A Concerned Citizen

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