Gambia: Breaking News: Bloodbath In Gambia; As Armed Soldiers Massacred Peaceful Opposition Protesters!


West-field, Serre-Kunda, The Gambia—An opposition peaceful protest on Monday, in The Gambia, has resulted to a national bloodbath, as trigger happy rogue Gambian security agents fired live ammunition at the protesters, leaving dozen others critically injured, and forty two others detained by the repressive Jammeh regime, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. The protesters, many of whom, first converged outside the courthouse in the capital city Banjul, later dispersed after their party leader Ousainou Darboe, and others were remanded back to prison, following a brief court appearance.

Spring 2The protesters later regrouped at West-field, and in the streets of the busy commercially populated Kairaba Avenue, where armed soldiers confronted them. Shots of live ammunition were heard during the scuffle between the armed security and the peaceful protesters. Some of the protesters were brutally tortured to coma. Some even were hospitalized as a result of the torture inflicted on them by the armed soldiers.

For the first time, in weeks of an ongoing protest spearheaded by the opposition, the army has reinforced the paramilitary police in keeping the protesters off the streets. The army used maximum force to disperse the protesters.

Consequently, the marchers were overcame by the soldiers, who opened fire at them. Some of the protesters were arrested on the spot, while others took on their heels for safety.

The home of the detained Gambian opposition leader Ousainou Darboe, was sealed off by the armed soldiers. Soldiers walked into the property and conducted a search.

Spring 7An Executive Member of the UDP, who was travelling in a car, was also arrested together with another party militant.

There is no confirmed reports of any causality. But reports have it that six opposition supporters were killed during the army’s handling of the rioters. The Freedom Newspaper is yet to make an independent confirmation of such reports. Our team on the ground is investigating.   

This medium can confirm that forty two protesters were arrested as soon as the army together with the paramilitary raided the Westfield area, where the protesters converged. The arrestees were briefly detained at the PIU headquarters before they were transported to the Janjangbureh prison for further processing. The detainees were placed in two different vehicles.

A reliable source at the NIA headquarters in Banjul, was able to obtain some of the names of the arrested protesters. Our NIA informant tells the Freedom Newspaper, that the following people were among those transported to the Janjangbureh prison:

  1. Akali Sanneh, Sukuta
  2. Tombong Njie, Faji-kunda
  3. Mbemba Jawara, Talinding
  4. Souma Ceesay, Tabokoto
  5. Yerro Jawara
  6. Muhammed Touray
  7. Baboucarr Ceesay
  8. Solo Ceesay
  9. Mustapha Ceesay
  10. Sheriff Jobe
  11. Njaga Gaye
  12. Lala Bojang
  13. Isatou Saidy
  14. Wuiya Mass
  15. Musa Marong
  16. Bamba Yabo
  17. Bakary Kijera

Spring 12Meanwhile, three vehicles believed to have been rented by the protesters have been impounded by the state. The vehicles have parked at the PIU headquarters in Kanifing.

According to sources, the detainees risked being tortured while on their way to Janjangbureh. It has been gathered that dictator Yahya Jammeh personally ordered for the detainees to be transferred to the Janjangbureh prison, even though the protest had taken place within the jurisdiction of the Greater Banjul Area.

No charges have been proffered yet against Monday’s peaceful protesters. Instead of processing the detainees in Banjul, Jammeh has decided to move them to the upcountry.

Spring 13“ The international community is being placed on notice about dictator Yahya Jammeh’s planned moves to secretly liquidate the protesters. Jammeh has no intention of bringing the protesters to justice. If he does, he wouldn’t have move them to Janjangbureh. Anything could happen to the arrested protesters. We deem it imperative to share this vital information to the world at large. A genocide is currently taking place in The Gambia. The world should act now before Jammeh will finish killing innocent peaceful protesters,” said our source.

Opposition leader Ousainou Darboe, and his co accused persons have been scheduled to reappear in court on Monday. The trial judge, has denied them bail on the basis that the case in question touches on national security. The court proceeding is being held in camera (private).

The Gambian government is yet to issue any publication in regards to Monday’s massive arrest of opposition supporters.

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Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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