Gambia: Breaking News: Scandal: Jammeh Sleeps With The Daughter Of Pa Demba Jobe, Fatou Kinneh Jobe!


Good day bro. Pa, if you can recall, I wrote to you about Kinay Jobe and her importance to Jammeh’s survival. This girl is Jammeh’s direct link to his team in Touba. Do not under estimate that connection. It is her father and her uncle Khadim Gai, who are the two most powerful Mourides in Banjul. They are the ones, who twist every story going to Touba.

FATOU KINNEH JOBEAs we speak, the border closure is their biggest headache. They want the Mouride Khalifah to convince Mackey and the Unions to stand down. Khadim Gai, had economic interest. This guy is the one Jammeh gave all the road construction contract in the entire Banjul, worth more than a Million dollars.

If you do not believe me, find out who this man is. As we speak, he is even given the new contract to renovate Saro GPMB. He is a blood uncle of Kinay and business partner to Pa Demba Jobe, Kinay’s father. These people are money hungry. They do not care about the welfare of the Gambians, as far as their kids are alright.

Pa Demba’s warehouse is located next to Mile 2. These brothers are few of the businessman, who can never be touched by Jammeh.

You are right. Jammeh is sleeping with Kinay Jobe. This lady was in love with her childhood lover Saihou Drammeh, but because of Jammeh, her father Pap refuses to give her hand in the proposed marriage and Kinay also agreed.

She is a greedy young woman. Do not take this 100%. Do you research and you will see. Kinay and Saihou were part of those sent to Taiwan, some years ago.

When they returned, Kinay went to the Foreign office, while Saihou, went to GNPC, and NIA. He is also walking around town with a government issued gun. He is a “Choy” for the NIA, but he is very angry with Jammeh because he took his sweet heart from him.

Pa, don’t under estimate Kinay Jobe. She is a very important weapon in the Jammeh gang. Why do you think she was taken to the Observer for damage control, then back to the State House very close Jammeh? And one time she was serving both offices.

This girl, has uncles in Touba, who are paid stooges, who can spin the news about Gambia and spread good news about Jammeh. Now the Khalifah General knows because Diahateh of APR is more close to him than these devilish men masked as pious Muslims.

Soon this Pap Demba and Gai will be exposed. During the past weeks of the present crisis, and the border closure Kinay and Jammeh were spending a lot of time together.

No wonder, he will promote her. He is “tollying” her and she is helping him gain life line in Touba. You know how influential Touba, is in Senegalese politics. But they will be exposed very soon.

Do your research and you will see how deep and secretive Kinay is to Jammeh. First time, he wanted to sleep with her, and she refuses, he transferred her to the Ministry of Forestry. She cried for days and ……………. for him. That information I can’t give you yet. Later, her Father rescued Jammeh after he insulted the Mourides during his Koriteh address. These people are too greedy

Even Sabally or Njie Saidy can’t sack this girl. She answers directly to Jammeh. Most of her ex- school mates from Marina are in the President’s office with Jammeh. All girls who are his mistresses too. You will be shocked how many Marina school girls surrounded Jammeh.

She once wrote a book of poems for Jammeh because he was angry with her. She bought him gifts and the special book. He father knows that Jammeh is with her.

She is a very smart girl. I know that she once tried to teach Jammeh how to read Chinese and Arabic. This girl, is one half of Jammeh’s inner office. She is much more trusted than Aida Oba, or Matu Tambadou Jawara, also who is also from Marina. She knows how to operate below radar. Follow this girl closely and you will discover a can of worms about the Jammeh’s government.

Written By A Concerned Gambian


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