Gambia: Denial to launch a film about President Jammeh


From: Modou Lamin Age-Almusaf Sowe

Subject: Denial to launch a  film about President Jammeh

Message Body:

I write with honesty and true sense of humanity  to express dismay to you that I have personally written and directed a film entitled: BABILI-MANSA, having written a letter to the office of the president obtaining permission and invited him as a special guest and chief speaker, later they wrote to me with an approval letter stating that I must work with Lamin Manga, then DG GRTS,  Mr Sulayman Gassama and Mr Sankung Fatty, Press Officers at the State House in order to produce a well-organized film before its launching, written by Fatou Kinneh Jobe on-behalf of the President, since 2015, the letter has not being considered by those we should work with and none of them allocated us time to meet them to further discuss the possibilities of closely working together according to the letter received. From there, Mr Sulayman Gassama came meeting me and my team and demanded for the whole film in a flash-drive which we gave to him any time that he came with a new suggestion.

Only to be told later by him that he can help us air the film on GRTS and push it into the international market. He later said we should act the whole film, with other new group who are not all members in my cast and school.

I recommended to him that that was not indicated on the letter received and that this is a film produced by a school and young people who needs exposure and that he should avail us the opportunity to meet with others stated on the letter to discuss about his statement, only to later realized that he was used to wage us down. I have more to tell on matters and my personality in the writing settings. RSVP!

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up does not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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