Gambia: MoBSE Is Incompetent As A Ministry Of Education Of The Gambia


From: Modou Lamin Age-Almusaf Sowe


Message Body:

I write with mammoth gratitude and undoubted assurance to pronounce my national pledge for a better Gambia, totally free from dictatorship and tribalism—I have worked for many years in number of projects with both government and non-governmental organizations, I have been published both in and outside the Gambia under the pen name: Modou Lamin Age-Almusaf Sowe and have never been quoted to have committed any crime in The Gambia. I founded the Young Writers’ Association of The Gambia (YWAG) and the Youth and Children in Media Development (YCHIMED), currently, I’m serving as Assistant Secretary General at the Writers’ Association of The Gambia (WAG) and have been so very familiar with in the arts and education domain of the Gambia because I have always demonstrated interest in investing in youth for national development, and towards the advancement of Gambian literature, it could be recalled that in June 2014, I got one of my books, entitled: THE MEMORIES OF REFLECTION, a novel; approved by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) as a supplementary  reading material to be used in upper basic schools.

Neither the PS nor the Minister motivated me as the first young writer in history at a tender age to have that prestige, I read situations around me and knew very well that it was only approval and shame on MoBSE because at least if they don’t buy copies for schools from books they approved from authors every year, they should encourage them to write more education materials with standard quite relevant for usage in schools; but yet the whom you know identity is a bait catching their hearts with corruption;  if approval means something is relevant and suitable for public use as they coined the two words  on the letter I received, why don’t they closely work with the writers’ associations and book publishers to create a proper standard which must cease the initiative and use a rigid yardstick to measure fitting works going into our schools for consumption? They won’t because the Curriculum Research Evaluation and Development Directorate Unit only pay independent reviewers to review and made approval on-behalf of MoBSE, but they don’t have any protocol at all or even a comprehensive methodology which checks the promotion and protection of works of Gambian creators in the education domain.

I have met both the minister and the PS of MoBSE several times in book launch and events, but they never reckon points I always raise in education forums. This silence was broken when I made a film for the president to signal him on things he knew very well about me, but his heart is not clean the reason being that if one Jola boy did produce a film for him or have done things I did, he would have pompously given them millions but rather encourage me nor patronize my project. He is selfish and I have made it very clear to everyone that I’m not those Gambians who will travel and criticize him; but I will tell him the truth in a respectful matter adhering to the principles of Islam that leaders are meant to be obeyed because they are chosen by God.”You have to be open as a leader, willing to listen and a leader need not always be right; a good leader is also a good follower.” Kofi Annan, in tandem with the quotation above, I have given him that respect and have been following him as chosen to date, but the fact is that he isn’t the figure he portrays in public.

I inhibited the flow of my frail and soggy intellect not to betray my senses for accepting what I am meant to swallow than write on papers; it’s very nerve-racking to misidentify me in green clothe because I’m not hypocrites who are holding positions under him and will be 100% APRC in public and self-opposition when alone. That irrational and unbearable action raised my quest in finding the truth to defy my gravity of patriotism. To add pain to sympathy, I view my sentiments about him timely and relevant for freedom of speech. This narration came to conclusion when I first crafted a poem in my note on Facebook, 16 July 2015, titled: The Unsaid Fear and Deeds Unspoken, I plainly told the world that I don’t write for presidential gains, in line twelve I said; I am not Gambia-la-Kala because I like government Kaaba.  My desire therefore is to educate and inform the average Gambians than pretending or spying I felt more unflinching than I was upon seeing things go round the wrong way for our country. Herein mentioned, I encode and enclosed this written letter to the editor to explain the need for that effect in a wider audience.


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