Gambia: The Sins of the Gambia’s Security forces and Nigerian Mercenary DDP laid Bare for the world to watch


More Shame in Gambia again. Where should I start, the security forces brutality or Nigerian Mercenary Judge and Nigerian DPP (Director of Public Prosecution) with their “Black Law Dictionary” demonstrating the need for a fundamental change in the security and judicial culture.  Yaya Jammeh and some of his loyal security officers who might once have felt free to arrest or assault Gambian citizens for no cause and explain it away later as back way migration or ran to Senegal have been put on notice that the truth could be revealed by a cellphone video posted on the Internet for the world to see. The video footage of brutal abuse is stirring a public outcry from Gambians all over the world. Yaya Jammeh’s regime had no answers for Gambians but “Futam-paff” with lots of feast, sex, sin and evil deeds. The word sounds like when the light goes off in Gambia. The sense of injustice and grievance that pervades the Gambian community by Yaya Jammeh— was borne out by the police and thus laid out with extraordinary clarity —their long records of torture and killings of innocent Gambians.

The damage of police brutality and the corrosive effect of Nigerian mercenary judge has done to Gambian communities will be felt generations to come. Yet the mercenary DPP’s indisputably unconstitutional practices are now being challenged by a smart Gambian patriot defense Council — Hawa Sissay Sabally and CO. According to the point newspaper, defense council Hawa Sissay Sabally trashes the DPP’s “Black Law Dictionary” had no relevance to the court, stating that the constitution of The Gambia supersedes the Black Law dictionary. This is not a laughing matter. The Nigerian DPP and security forces brutality far exceeds public tolerance. What a shame “Me Brother” as they say it.

In the last few days, security forces have repeatedly harmed civilians, including women and old folks — all in the service of perpetuating Yaya Jammeh brutal and unyielding dictatorship. All the opposition leaders should be sickened that a nursing women was whisked away to jail for no apparent reason and they all should face up to the truth that this is a Gambian problem— a truth the Gambian community has been saying for decades under this regime. Video recordings of security officers battering or even murdering unarmed Gambian citizens have validated longstanding complaints by Gambians and hopefully will change the way Gambians views the issue of police brutality instructed by Yaya Jammeh. Until now, GOD knows best, but it seems as if the opposition leaders haven’t been fully engaged in one strong voice against the regime’s destruction of Gambia society and its people.

The brave protest movement focuses on the irrefutable fact that Gambians citizens are far more likely to die at the hands of their brother who have to protect them, the police. The more the regime ignores that truth, the greater the civic discord that will flow from it. We all thought that heightened scrutiny of the regime behavior — and fear of appearing in “viral videos or prank call” — was leading pundits or die hard followers  to lay low quietly. Lastly, the recent remarks of a UN diplomat for Gambia were not only poisonous but inhumane. I will not dwell on it because the wollof’s proverb — “Wah he gayja, sah moo laa tontu” is the perfect answer for it.  

Written By Habib Bojang Jammeh (A Concerned Gambian)


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